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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Mrchasez, Aug 21, 2011.

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    No, We have 5000 Active players, 2,800 Registered for Member on our forums, more then 20k
    Players have logged onto my server, Oh and we arent even 2 months old.

    A bridge

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    Its obvious that you guys have completly different opinions on this plugin but may i suggest to the people that are flaming this thread to atleast wait until the plugin is released because it may perform correctly but the developer hasnt been able to explain it properly!
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    Im not allowed to give out to much detail.
    I have already said more then i was meant too.
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    Oh I seee. You say your server is one of the top 10 rated servers "in the world" because you got 715 of your members to vote on this site: http://minecraftservers.net/ lol. Do you know about this one? http://minestatus.net/. If anything I would say buxville, superearth, and battlecraft are the "top rated servers" as they got ~10k votes, votes reset monthly btw. But in reality not even they are the "top 10 servers", cause they just pretty much coerce all their members one way or the other to vote for them on the lists.
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    I got them too?
    Votes on MineCraftservers reset monthly as well too.
    I still don't know why you bother talking about this.
    This isn't a server thread, i don't advertise my server either like they do.
    And again, KingsCraft = 2 months old
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    Its not a battle of server numbers, i can see that you are starting to become defensive and use other things to benefit your argument. I completly agree with your agrument that if it is a negative inpact on the. community that it should be stopped but we dont know for sure what or how this plugin with do/work. So just wait and if its bad i am sure you will be able to flame this as much as you want!
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    Not trying to flame, or use one topic to argue the other, it was 2 different topics.

    Was trying to figure out what you meant, but yea the thread has gone off topic...

    Back to the original topic, lets see. If you can support SuperPerms and bridge PermissionsBukkit for groups, then it wouldn't add extra work for devs and wouldn't be as bad as originally thought.
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    Ohh well i give up, i will say you know how to argue your point. :)
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    Edit: On second though, PermissionsBukkit seems like a disheveled mess, at the moment. As naive as this might sound, I would like to see GM+ released as a standalone permissions manager.
    I would really like to see GM+ released as a standalone permissions manager, but I think you should also, once you get situated you should release an extension to PermissionsBukkit, or bPermissions, that will function as an extension and simulate GM commands for those plugins. Basically, release the commands section of GM+, with compatibility with said plugins, as a plugin in-itself.

    Regardless, I would still like to see GM+ released as a standalone permissions manager, at least for the time being. If permissionsBukkit reorganizes and gets its act together as the "Official" Permissions manager, then perhaps this (and all other) permission managing plugins should be discontinued, in favor of releasing extensions to PermissionsBukkit and converters to PermissionsBukkit.

    I would love to test a dev build out, @Mrchasez, Im actually somewhat excited for GM+ now.

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    This looks nice... I'll be looking forward to using this on my server once it's out. ;)
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    permissionsBukkit only seems a mess atm cause developers are just starting to support it... (It is still very new)

    As the devs start to support permissionsBukkit you will start to see the other plugins phase out.. then they will be a disheveled mess. So just give it all a bit of time.. and learn the new system.. You will regret if you stick with the past..
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    I agree that other dev's will begin to phase out the other permissions plugin, but I don't think that'll happen very soon.
    That's why I suggested Mrchasez release GM+, since it seems he's already finished coding it, but devote more time into releasing an extension for PermissionsBukkit, like I think he said he would do, a couple posts up.
  13. phaed, get your ass off this thread! Get a life, do something else, improve superperms or whatever - but leave for hells sake!
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    I'm interested in seeing GroupManager+ evolve and support SuperPerms. I would prefer to see some of the core functionality of GroupManager remain, such as an ability to get a players group(s) and support for prefix/suffix and option nodes. I would love to see full feature set that GroupManager has today emulated. One of the great parts of SuperPerms is that there is now a standard for simple boolean permissions, but don't forget the other parts that many plugins benefited from using GroupManager as well (such as prefix/suffix and option nodes).

    I would be happy to use GroupManager+ as a consolidation for prefix/suffix, permissions, and groups all in one plugin instead of having 3-4 plugins. It can certainly simplify the experience given to Server Administrators and also plugin developers that require a bit more than the standard boolean permissions provided by SuperPerms.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    @cereal prefix/suffix should entirely be a configuration in a chat modification plugin. Permission systems should merely say whether the player has permission for which prefix.
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    I have to laugh at how many times the OP has stated over and over and over again that this plugin will support SuperPerms, will support the BukkitPermissions format and will allow players and server admins (like myself) who like ease of use of the GM plugin, its in game commands and that valued '*" node.
    And all the main detractors have to say is "OMG how can you not see SuperPerms is better that whatever you plan on doing".
    Apparently, some don't get the difference between a standard like SuperPerms (which, one more time, will be incorporated into this GM+ plugin) and having a choice of which plugin to use, particularly for *how* it makes use of SuperPerms and whether or not it makes administration easier.

    Here's an example for those with damaged logic circuits: Permissions and GroupManager both used the Permissions standard. GroupManager implemented that standard in way that IMHO was superior to Permissions. There were not two standards, there was one but there *were* TWO plugins! Which admins could choose between. Some people preferred and swore by Permissions, others by GM.

    I liked being able to update what permissions a group had on the fly without having to pop open an editor, write a text file, save it and reload the plugins in the middle of play. As the only OP with 1 additional admin on my server , i liked giving myself '*' and not having to pour through every permission node for every plugin except the certain specific ones I chose to give my player groups. Or having to make another player an OP rather than providing "admin" access to all mod commands.

    Were these options to be available in the future, the mod that provided it would be the one I choose to run with.

    Good luck on yr work, sir.
    When you feel like kicking out a dev build, let me know. I'm not a dev, but I run a smallish server that currently depends on GM. I would love to set up a test environment and provide some feedback.
    I greatly look forward to your progress and hope to see GM+ develop.

    And sometimes it just seems no matter how hard you try, how calm you stay or how clearly you try to communicate...haters gonna hate.
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    Ignorance is bliss after all. Many of you people do not realize the fact that he is currently testing this out for his own server. He is simply stating the release of a plugin that can be used for the people who WANT it. Also, I realize the conversion of plugins is at hand, but if you have to go with something that was already bluntly created, and not question the possibility of a superior plugin/modification for past codes that CAN POSSIBLY make the permission based parameters much more fluent; then I must say sirs and madams: Ignorance is bliss.
    I support this, on a side note; you are making something for the players not for your own personal superiority complex. Without the players Minecraft is nothing. Do not bandwagon yourself with something proven already, I can also assure you that many of the coders for grief teams WILL crack this, I wish you luck, keep this in mind.

    Hope to see this in the near future.
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    Thank you for your input on this, It really does help.

    At this time, Prefix's and suffix's require EssentialsChat.

    I will prob have a dev build out soon.
    Just take notice, This was not going to support SuperPerms/ BukkitPerms when we did 99% of the code.
    So, we need to make changes.

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    Woot, I absolutely loved Group Manager; I can wait till this is finished and when it is I will be using it.
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    That is your opinion on the subject which I do not share with you. Just wanted to share what I would appreciate so @Mrchasez would know. My opinion is that it shouldn't matter if a developer incorporates them into his plugin as a convenience or not, it is entirely up to him and I certainly would prefer to only download and use a single plugin instead of multiple. You are more than entitled to do as you wish. ;)

    @Mrchasez Looking forward to having GroupManager, do you think you are interested in providing option nodes, prefix & suffix in addition to using Bukkit Permissions? Don't feel rushed either, just having a bout of curiosity. If so I would certainly be a fan!
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    When you say "Option nodes"
    What exactly do you mean?

    Also, I am trying to keep most of the command the same, but manpromote and mandemote is over complicated,
    so i will change it to simply /promote /demote
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    I feel that like me, there are others that use the official newly built "permissionsBukkit" for one of two things. Quick, and easy access without having to handle bundles of code just to check permission(s)/imports/etc. It is also accessible to everyone who uses Bukkit server without having to reference and have users download different packages and setups.

    Given there are plugins that do the same thing which is fine, some are better planned then others, some are coded more efficiently, etc. But those deal with functionality and game changes.

    Permission however is different. It pieces the functionality/access with server which causes developers, server admins to choose (if in case the plugin uses permissions) making it not effectively handle plugins. You can think of it as supporting only one platform or console versus pc.

    When it comes down to it; I think its the a matter of efficiency. Hopefully there will be a resolve and a standardize permission that everyone can agree on.
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    Standard = single implementation everyone can agree on = good for developers = good for *everyone* in the long run vs. Hard headed developers = think their piece of code is better than the rest = want to change the world when the world needs anything but change = recreates the wheel = selfish/egotistical/ignorant = no foresight = holds the community back = bad.

    @Zothern suck it, who the heck are you?
  24. The person that tries to explain to you that your not the center of the universe and that e.g. "manuadd <member> <group>" is a slick syntax while "pex user <user> group add <group>" is not. But hey, youve already proven your stubborness, so why dont you move along now?
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    Similar to getUserPermissionString(...) and similar functions in the GroupManager permissions handler. Here's a link directly to Anjo's code that I'm referencing. There are a handful of the functions for these option nodes such as getUserPermissionInteger,Double,etc, but String alone would be sufficient since it just wraps Type.parse(String) anyways. Also there are Group settings as well as User settings.

    Hope that helps explain what I was discussing.
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    Any update on the progress of GroupManager+?
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    Not much, I have been trying to get factions to work on my server.
    Im taking it a little slow right now, still should have a dev out soon.
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    Sounds good :D!
    Hopefully within the next day or so? What's the ETA looking like for the dev. build?
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    I really have no idea, Im not at home right now.
    Soon varies from (1d- 1/ half weeks)
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    Ah, got it. Well, I'll definitely be looking forward to it, whenever it gets released.
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