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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Don't you mean the other way around? I can't imagine that any developer who is already donating their time will also start donating their money.

    This needs to be run more on a "developers are our foundation" idea.
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    I don't mind the Curse bar per-se, but it does seem like a waste of space considering there's a second perfectly good empty bar just below it (where log out/etc appears on the right side).

    I'm not sure why the curse bar hasn't been merged with the log out/inbox/alerts bar.

    Also having it aligned with the left side of the page content (rather than the very left of the page) would look "better" and more consistent imho.
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    "This is why Curse is bad - they're all about money and big brother crap... "

    Please watch this very important announcement
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    Adds are what keep a website up and running, and curse has done a lot for the Bukkit community. I like the fact that you have asked for our input and feel that it would be wrong of anyone who wants to use Bukkit to complain about that small of a thing. If any thing, it gives you a quick link to Minecraft Forums and Wiki.
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    What curse bar.... O on top, O.... Well damn, there is a curse bar, why did you tell me?

    the whole goddamn world is about money, get it! nothing is for free.....

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    Are they are trying to knockback bukkit [gunpowder]-_-[gunpowder]
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    Hey guys! Solution!


    Problem solved!
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    There are many servers that are more than self sustaining. These servers should donate to the developers for their time. If those devs also make money they should donate to bukkit as well as those admins.

    I am proud of the quality bug reports, donations and graphics I have given to the developers of the plugins I use! But I do know many fantastic devs who have received little donations - which is sad and shame on any admins who do not contribute.

    Everything helps! - Bukkit is our foundation first and foremost.

    I think Notch / Mojang should be the biggest contributor or they have no understanding that Bukkit and quality plugins are the best things about minecrafts future.
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    I dont see how this is causing so many complaints. I for one dont mind the curse bar. If they didnt add it then they might stop supporting bukkit due to those 'regulations'. Then what will happen? Thought so... So don't complain cause we are lucky they didn't add these other ads on here like porn ads... Cause i have visited so many sites that have nothing to DO with porn, and that is the only way they can gain money because other ad companies don't want to put their ads on that site. Honestly i don't see any problem with it and i like to know that curse is supporting the site. I for one would have never noticed the small 'Thanks to Curse, who kindly host the Bukkit forums! ' Which is at the bottom of all the bukkit pages.
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    Keep updating Bukkit, improving on it, and etc and you could cover this entire website with (QUITE) ads for all I care. (I don't like the noisy ads, :/).
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    i mind the bar because its not BIG ENOUGHT or maybe it is... idk lol
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    I look forward to it
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    It doesnt seem to affect anything and it's not even distracting so I don't mind it at all either :)
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    Meh. I've donated to Bukkit before, I'm sure a lot of other developers have as well. The work that I do doesn't even compare to what the Bukkit Team does.

    No. There is no ETA, and never will be.

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    I don't mind the curse bar at all, although, I would prefer that the "get curse premium" doesn't show up if you have premium, but I don't even classify it as an ad. It's a small banner (not unlike wordpress banners) that curse put on bukkit to let people know it's hosted/supported by curse.
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    I have no problems with it. I support any company that goes out there to support the littler guy that is out there trying to do something awesome but needs a helping hand.
    Thank you Curse for supporting the Bukkit team and all of us here who use it!
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    Ads dont bother Me Bukkit Has Been great to me so far Keep up the Great work :)
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    I think I would be really cool and look good for bukkit if you guys had mobile support. I look at and download plugins on my iPod all the time. It would be nice to have moblie support for that.
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    Ice cold aft

    This thread was painful to read the comments on. Please keep telling us how a 1/2" grey/black bar at the top of the screen, that blends well enough into the website, ruined your FREE experience on a website that the people who added the bar paid to help keep up??... And I didnt even notice the bar until I actually read this and realized it was there...
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    The bar is kind of ugly in my opinion, maybe making it actually look good might be a start :D

    The little banner thing is ugly and the whole thing should really be inline with the notifications bar. although that might be a bit difficult for the html/css ;(
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    when is the craftbukkit 1.3.1 version download gonna come out? and if i do have 1.2.5 still, what is the RUN.bet code for windows 7 java7 64-bit computer but 32-bit java. *thats confusing* [tnt] <-- random TNT cuz i felt like it
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    There's no ETA, please read before asking questions ;)
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    Gonna put a % of server donations into Curse, and a % into bukkit. Probably not much, since I am still floating alot of my servers expense out of my own pocket, but it will help, and I want to help. ^^
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    i like the bar, tbh XD
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    I used adblock sorry, but I HATE ads And I have to destroy them ALL
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    Ads are the the worse thing a 'premium' content provider can do for its viewers/readers. Thank god for adblock - praise be adblock.
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    You learn something new everyday, thanks.
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    You do realize, that Bukkit gets paid regardless of the fact if you adblock or not, unless they have some kind of additional software installed that I'm ignoring.
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