Often missed option bukkit.yml ect. Custom color multiple line messages. Correct syntax. Here it is.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jabberwockie, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Do you have custom bukkit.yml/spigot.yml messages?
    I bet you think you do but I bet you dont. Look below?

    So I looked for a lonnnng time to see how, all over spigot and Bukkit.
    If you can show me a link where this is already said GJ! I dont think it exists
    even in Bukkit config help. What? Multiple line messages.
    There is no syntax advice. Nothing. (please proove me wrong :D)
    So here it is...(Raw no expire pastebin at bottom)

    bukkit.yml Example?

    shutdown-message: |
    §4♥§6Sorry about that!§4♥§r
    §6Server §e12H §6Restart§r
    §6This normally takes§r
    §6from 18 to 22 sec.§r

    This same syntax also works for spigot.yml as below.
    Also no syntax advice on thier config advice section. >.>
    I see alot of people dont know about the | thing?
    You can even use a surprising amount of unicode symbols.
    ... others will crash the server not even allowing it to start up :D
    If use unicode try pasting it in game in chat if it works it likely
    wont crash on startup.

    whitelist: |
    &fWhat the WHAT?! The whitelist is on Huh!?!
    &fTo get whitelisted? You need a PMC account
    &fVisit and register at http://www.planetminecraft.com
    &for, message one of owners on other server.
    &fSorry for the 1 to 6 hours temporary down time!

    server-full: |
    &4Well well well...
    &7Server is full! Sorry.

    outdated-client: |
    &fPiper uses &4MC {0} &fsince Nov 30 2016
    &fWe had protocol support for pre 1.11 versions.
    &fPre 1.9 clients &nonly got pre 1.11 content&r&f and it
    &fcaused a major imbalance for gameplay including
    &fPVP performance, item stats, mob reactions and
    &fmissing particles, No Elytras!, wierd rubber
    &fbanding on mobs for 1.8 clients and other crap.
    &fSorry! Please, use a launcher profile MC 1.11.

    outdated-server: |
    &fWe now use &4{0} since Nov 30 2016.
    &fWe had protocol support for pre &41.11&f versions.
    &fPre 1.11 clients will only get pre 1.11 content!

    restart: |
    &fServer is likely auto
    &frestarting right now.
    &fThe server takes about
    &220&f seconds to restart.

    raw pastebin for example.

    ps.. protocolsupport might seem handy but it is a
    serious facepalm generator when you have 45+ plugins
    some of which use protocollib. ... Plenty of facepalms!
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  2. @Jabberwockie
    Well, the wikipedia reference for YAML certainly documents this behaviour: [​IMG]
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    Dude! Minecraft and it's plugins taught me YAML not wikipedia.. nice one though.
    *totally didnt check yaml wiki* ... who does?!

    Also you would think bukkit/spigot would give that syntax option a shout
    but I guess they think every user studies YAML wikis and such?

    Still waiting on that link.. besides YAML wiki which no link was provided. (lol ty)
    Reading the tiny print of your screen shot I see > works like | Hmmmm.. Ty again.
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