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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Robby Brown, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Robby Brown

    Hello, I am making this thread because I have been on and off here for a couple of days after making a new vanilla Minecraft server into a nice fresh Craft Bukkit server. Like most users I experienced the initial "what the heck! The built in MC server commands aren't working!" reaction; but I eventually figured out the syntax by searching through the forums. I found multiple sporadic threads explaining how it should be done, and that this person and that person did this that and the other... either way it was still pretty fast and easy to figure out once you knew the premise of the problem, but was still perturbed that something so basic was not more obvious.

    Anyway, what was not clear is how to execute your *plugin commands*. This being a relatively new vanilla server and my not having *any* mod experience with Minecraft, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had issues because of some server side permissions and the plugins I was installing, but could not find for a 100% fact (since I had no experience) just how the syntax of the built in commands were to be entered and just how the plugin commands were to be entered.

    In the end I decided to write this FAQ of how the Bukkit syntax is supposed to work for op's. I hop it is helpful in preventing someone the headaches I endured:

    Howto: Syntax of Bukkit commands (such as /tp, /give, /list etc) and custom plugin commands:

    First off, for good measure a list of the default Bukkit commands (same as vanilla MC server):

    help or ? shows this message
    kick <player> removes a player from the server
    ban <player> bans a player from the server
    pardon <player> pardons a banned player so that they can connect again
    ban-ip <ip> bans an IP address from the server
    pardon-ip <ip> pardons a banned IP address so that they can connect again
    op <player> turns a player into an op
    deop <player> removes op status from a player
    tp <player1> <player2> moves one player to the same location as another player
    give <player> <id> [num] gives a player a resource
    tell <player> <message> sends a private message to a player
    stop gracefully stops the server
    save-all forces a server-wide level save
    save-off disables terrain saving(useful for backup scripts)
    save-on re-enables terrain saving
    list lists all currently connected players
    say <message> broadcasts a message to all players

    To initiate builtin Bukkit/Minecraft commands

    For an 'op' to call forth the built-in commands on a Bukkit server from their client he or she would merely have to do the following:

    1. Press 'T' (or your current chat key) at any time to bring up chat box (just like a normal MC server).
    2. Type "/#help" or "/#give player1 50" etc. The key being to add a '#' before each command but after the '/'.
    To initiate custom plugins commands

    We will use a simple plugin such as "whitelist" to demonstrate the syntax.

    First here is a listing of the plugin commands available with "whitelist" as of the time of this writing:

    /whitelist help
    /whitelist reload (reloads the whitelist and it’s settings)
    /whitelist add [playername] (adds a player to the whitelist)
    /whitelist remove [playername] (removes a player from the whitelist)
    /whitelist on|off (activates/deactivates whitelist)
    /whitelist list (lists all whitelisted players)

    The following is some example syntax on how you would use these commands on a Bukkit server:

    1. Press 'T' (or your current chat key) at any time to bring up chat box (just like a normal MC server).
    2. Type "/whitelist help" or "/whitelist reload", basically the same way you did before the additional '#' character requirement or simply the way you call forth commands on any vanilla server, only requiring the preceding '/' character.
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    As a note, players can easily change their "Chat" key for on multiplayer. You may want to say something akin to "Press 'T' (or your current chat key) at any time [...]" instead, for accuracy's sake.
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    Robby Brown

    Ah good thinking! Edit made.

    Can you or anyone else verify that the instructions for initiating a plug in are correct? That's originally why I started the thread as I cant get any of my plugins to respond.

    Also made some other corrections/modifications for clarity sake.
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    The bukkit help needs formatting bad... for one i don't care if the text wraps, but once it goes past the screen, there's no back scrolling - so many commands are not shown in the process, a screenie to show:


    Now with the plugin /help - the formatting is way more desirable, as shown (with paging too):

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    Robby Brown

    Thanks for the input!

    To help me out in my issues as well as ensure an accurate post, can you or anyone please ensure that with Bukkit builds 80 and above, to access a plugins commands you simply do "/<plugin name and or command>", or if you do something akin to "/#<plugin name and or command>" or something even different from that, that I am unaware of?

    Apologies if my posts is too wordy... Please someone read my question, I'm pretty sure its very simple to answer.
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    wait how do you get the second /help command
    with a plugin??
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    Robby Brown

    Yes he means with a plugin, and although that's handy info, I'd say its outside the scope of my attempt to simplify/understand the expected syntax of Bukkit. So yah again, if someone can just simply confirm yah or nay that pluggin commands (like the example I've given with whitelist in the original post) are accessed via simply typing the slash instead of slash and a pound or any other combo of keys I'd really appreciate it. None of my plugin commands work, its why I simply need this confirmation that I'm doing it right, all the while hopefully helping others know for sure how this works.

    I was finally able to get my plugins to respond. I seriously have no idea what was done differently, but clearly had to do with permissions or something on the local OS my server is hosted on... anyway, I'll update the original post so it is more of a perminant fixture.

    Thank you all for you input!

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