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    Hey bukkit people, I was thinking of an enourmous quest system/citizens. Like customizable quest system and more. For example I set the npc to be a quester. I set the quest to be like /setquest "nameofthequestsetintheconfig" and then He will have the quest when a player clicks on the npc it will get something saying "/accept to accept the quest and /deny to deny it. If you type /accept it will accept the quest. You can set the reward of the quest by /setreward (blockid) (amount) or the other cool thing would be to set a permission node for the player so /setreward permission (permission.node). It would be compatible with bPermissions, PermissionsEX and PermissionsBukkit. I am willing to pay some money in order for someone to make it. Message me if you want to be working for me and get payed some good money. More details in the private message if interested.

    Npc...Click on Him it Shows u in command

    When i accept it shows u

    Hello <Player>
    <Then Text Example>

    Kill The 14 Wolfs From The
    Darkwood Next to this House
    With This Spell
    ~Stupefy~ You Will Learn it Now
    <Awards Example>
    21 Galleons
    Leather Hat lvl 3 3+Dmg 5+Armor 2+ Intelligent

    Good Luck
    <Npc Name>
    Now ill give everything for this Wolf Quest
    Like when i kill one wolf it will shows
    1/14 Wolfs Killed
    2/14 Wolfs Killed
    14/14 Wolfs Kiled

    Mission Compleated!!
    Back To Your <Npc Name> To Finnish The Quest

    Then When i go there it will shows

    Armor: Leather Hat Lvl 3 3+Dmg 5+armor 2+ inteligent
    And when u got level up

    You Are Level 2 Now!!!!!

    And When People Got Level Up it Should be Like This
    i meen Efect on Player


    Erm!! When NPC Have Quest We Should add like this

    For Compleated Quest

    For Quest What Need To Be Accepted This

    For Accepted Quest But Not Finnished
    We Can Put This "?" in The Light Blue Colour

    Also Check this Out For Quest Do U Know When Will 1.3 be Released? When someone get quest it should pop up the Writing Book....Like This

    And Can u See That Spell Bar? if We Have Spout? Can We Add Like This
    Check out the Party Bar
    Can We Add Like "Leveling Bar For Enchating" to Looks Different?

    Like this

    The Books Can Be In Inventory but when u type /Qi it will change ur inventory its 36...
    When u type back /Qi it will change to ur Normal Inventory :D

    Sorry for bad english

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