NPC that trades items with name and lore

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Glass_Eater84, Jul 31, 2014.

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    I am looking for a villager trading system like ShopKeepers plugin but allows you to trade item if it has the exact name or lore. If it doesn't you will not be able to trade.

    Example: I have a item called "Token" (This is just an example)
    and it has a lore "Trade with NPC'S at spawn!"

    If the item does not have the exact name or lore then it will not accept it.


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    ElitexvxRampage Well I want it to be like trades. Almost like real villagers but you need to have the exact item with the exact name.
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    @Glass_Eater84- Ahh I see, afraid I don't have a plugin like that. :/
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    ElitexvxRampage Is there anyway to modify shopkeepers?
    Also, thanks for trying :)
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    Shopkeepers already has shop types which differ between items with different name+lore: the admin shopkeeper and the trading player shopkeeper.
    The only shop types which don't differ between lore and name are those which use the economy item you have set up in the config: buying and selling player shopkeepers.
    In the future I will very likely add a setting which let's you specify a specific item name and lore for the economy item. Until then you could just use the trading type player shopkeepers instead (trade one item versus another).

    Also everybody can of course create a pull request here for exactly that.
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    blablubbabc So it isn't possible as of now, is what you're saying?
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    It is possible with the admin shopkeepers and with the trading type player shopkeepers.

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