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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, Oct 27, 2015.

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    Suggested name: NoYTorches

    What I want:

    Players can't use torches near diamond level. No torches placement under y=30 (configurable value)

    TorchesMaxHeight: 30

    Play Sound:
    A lava fizz when a torch's placement has been blocked.
    Torch Fizzing: true

    Torch placement block is for the entire world not just y=30.

    Players may not attach torches to loose materials like dirt(all type), grass, gravel, sand(all type) and leaves(all type). (configurable items would be nice)

    - DIRT
    - GRASS
    - GRAVEL
    - SAND
    - LEAVES

    Player get a message about restrictions.

    NoTorchesPlacement: "&4It's too soft there to fasten a torch." (configurable message)

    NoTorchesHere: "&4There's not enough air flow down here for permanent flames. Use another method to light your way." (configurable message)


    Build against 1.7.10

    Players torch placement are blocked and torch are returned.

    No permissions or command needed but if you like you can add a bypass for OP and a reload. noytorches.bypass or noytorches.reload

    When I'd like it by: when you have time to code this!

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    @madtomic I like the idea, I might make it if nobody else does, but I am also working on a larger project so I might not have time. This request is still open. Other devs, feel free to make this.
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    Ok, I do hope someone will be able to make this if not, I hope you could.
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    I'll give this a shot.
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    @madtomic Actually, I will not make this plugin. I do not build against 1.7 builds, as I do not have access to them. Also, there is no reason for devs to build against spigot unless absolutely nesecary. Spigot servers can still use Bukkit plugins. However, if someone builds a plugin on Spigot and uses even one Spigot-exclusive method (Spigot is just Bukkit with a little bit of add-ons), Bukkit servers will not be able to use that plugin. So just remember, no need to build on Spigot!

    Note for anyone who might develop this plugin: Remember, build on JDK 1.7 :) Many players still use it!
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    I think I meant for bukkit. I will correct this now. Thanks for point it out. I should just simply said 1.7.10
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    Anyone want to take a crack at this?
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    I'll do it.
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    Ok, let me know when you have something for testing.
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    @madtomic Finished the plugin. You can download it here once the file gets approved. File is approved
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    Awesome! I will let you know when I get some testing done.


    Can you cancel the event like you did the not enough air for too soft to fasten a torch? I think it will work better to simply cancel the event then make torch pop and drop. Littering! =D

    Also, a bug where if you place a row of torches. The last one before the new placed it will be deleted. I think it's within 4x4 block radius. If you place further out it will stay dropped. Weird! =D

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    I'll provide an option to either cancel the event or to drop the torch.
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    That would work too. Thanks!
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    Sent in an update. It hasn't been approved yet at the time of posting this.
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    Wow! I can't wait! I'm sure it will work better. Thanks again! =)
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