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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tony687, May 2, 2011.

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    Well, I've seen many YouTube videos with admins nocliping around. Does anyone know a plugin that you can noclip?
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    A PLUGIN that allows you to noclip? No, I don't know of any that would easily allow you to noclip. Physics stuff like that is handled clientside, and therefore would require a client modification.
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    then how do you noclip?
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    You dont.
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    Like @AgentKid said, you install a client hack. I have a flying hack on my client, makes for easy administering when you can whoosh around.
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    btw when i mean noclip i mean just hover, walking in the air, not going thru walls
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    That's flyhacking, not noclipping. Noclip is when you disable the clipping on the client (physics don't apply normally) so that you can pass through blocks. Flying is flying. There IS a plugin that allows you to fly around....sorta....basically when you jump, it places a 5x5 glass square beneath you, and as you walk it moves it so that you can sorta fly around. It's called MagicCarpet.
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    zombe mod pack
    then allow fly in server config
    then nocheat plugin to disallow others to fly.
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    Zombe Mod Pack OR MagicCarpet. Some Mods allow you to do xRaying etc but the downside is you can't place/modify blocks in the server if you have them installed.
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