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    Loving this plugin... I've been keeping track since you released the original.

    Just as a few ideas to throw your way, though... I visualised using this purely to sell plots within my town. Would a straight out "buy" option be wise? Being a player, I would want to purchase the land, and start working on it straight up, without waiting for confirmation.

    Another idea, simply right-clicking a sign within the plot to purchase it "FOR SALE $500", etc.

    Overall, a very godly idea.
    Thank you for the awesome work.
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    Nice, less effort for admins. :)
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    Sure ! I didn't know exactly if I wanted to add straight out buying because the sellers might want to consider their choices but I can allow them to maybe have an "auto-win" amount of money or just normal buying where it's first come first serve.

    About that for sale sign, I was thinking about maybe an NPC instead of a sign. Would that work?
  5. I'd like to have this without iConomy as a requirement and using items instead, like gold bars or whatever else the server owner defines.
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    That could work nicely, too... I do find signs more descriptive, though :p
    The way I have my plots set up currently... I have a sign stating that its for sale, and another outlining the dimensions. So that the player knows exactly what they are purchasing.
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    I'm just thinking NPCs are easy to spot with the nametags but I suppose I'll make them use signs.
    Should you be able to sell the plots from anywhere?

    EDIT : On second thought I'll allow you to have an NPC or use a sign to sell the region.
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    O hey u finally released it!
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    Choice is never bad... Sounds good.

    As for selling from anywhere, I assume you mean having a sign/NPC set up outside of the plot? If so, that does sound fairly awesome - and leaves potential for making some form of real estate building within a town/city.
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    I've waited so long for this, thanks!
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    What's the permission names?


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    I'm curious..... I've bought a region. I send the pffer, then the seller accepts then viola, it's mine and I can build on it... But, the next day, I kept getting the "You don't have permission for this area." error when I try to build there...

    Do I have to buy it every day? or was the sale not recorded? is this an error or was it supposed to happen?
    I really really want to have a protected area and this plugin make me feel rewarded for collecting money. It gives me another goal ^_^

    note: I am not an admin and I do not own the server..

    EDIT: I think the server was restarted at some point, so I guess that this plugin does not save the modification on the worldguard's region file so ownership does not carried on over server restart... And I think we're still using the v.01 since I don't see any agents yet
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    Thanks so much! I figured out the problem too, Worldguard apparently doesn't save when the server stops(I think) so I put in a save when my plugin disables which I tested and it fixed.

    Also the v0.2 is uploaded now.
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    could you make the commands a little bit simpler? people on my server are gunna bug the heck out of me for how to use this...
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    When you add a option to Buy just straight out this would be perfect for my server. Please add it soon!

    he added the source. Shouldnt be too hard to modify the commands...

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    I'm not a coder, but ill take a look at it thanks
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    To the person who wrote this plugin, instead of making the user typing in the string in the sign in all upper letters. Use a uppercase method.
    String s1 = "test";
    s1 = s1.toUpperCase();
    Hope that helped! :D

    EDIT: I'm not sure how Minecraft works, but I guess you could write the same text to two stings, then the string in game wouldn't change :)
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    It's supposed to be in upper case just to make sure the people are actually wanting to make the agent and not doing something else.
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    I meant, so they don't have to write [Agent] in all uppercases. So you can write [AgEnT] or whatever, and it will still react. I doubt there is another plugin that will ever use that on a sign.
    Edit: And I think people would use "Agent" instead of "[Agent]"
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    I don't know what people might do I'm just trying to cover all the possibilities to make sure it doesn't conflict with something else.
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    Okay, do whatever you want :)
    If it was me, I would make two versions. And stay a little updated on other plugin developers. I find "fine tuning" a pretty important thing.
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    so do you think buying from a set price will be added soon?
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    It has actually already been added, agents will handle that. I'll add on options to sell without offers for the next version without having to have an agent.
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    oh! THANKYOU :D
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    Wow nice, I would need this with just selling zones.
    This would be for my server, so players can buy iconomy cash and buy zones from it.
    Just not the whole auction-system, a simple sell for price and accept would be nice!
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    Hey with WorldGuard i put a big space for my city and then i went back and i put a region for my friends but i says that they dont have permission for this spot even though i put them as a owner. What am i doing wrong?
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    This looks like a great addon!

    But it doesn't pick up made regions. I always get the "That region does not exist" message.
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    You Need to do this

    /region setparent (yourbigplacename) (your small place name)
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    Could you add a feature, where you can sell a region without an offer.
    So only /region s [region name] [price].
    And if anyone buys it, he bought it without that the seller have to accept it.
    Very useful ;) Thanks

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