No Friendly Fire (GM/Permissions?)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Pencil, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Alright, I run a faction based PVP server, and we have always wanted some sort of a plugin, that stops people from hurting each other inside groups. We currently use Groupmanager, but it really doesn't matter, we could switch over to permissions if required :D Maybe someone could do it?

    Just something like: Player A is in Group A, Player B is in group A, Player C is in Group B.

    Player A and Player B can't hurt each other, player C can.
    anyone up for this? Please? ^^
  2. good idea,i will test it for my server

    where I can download this?

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    He is asking for someone to make it for him, he hasn't made it.
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  4. ohhh.... sry....... Im not from England,and im not the best in English.....Does any Plugin with this function is created?
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    I think I could do it :) Im thinking like having a permissions for each group, and using PermissionsBukkit? What should the plugin be called? Btw your a plugin dev you should be able to do this :D. Im also thinking of having like Group 1 when someones talks next to there name, which can be configurable.
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    Would be pretty simple...
    if (group1.contains(player)){
    you would just need to hook into the groupmanager groups or then make your own group system.

    Better way:
    if (group.getplayergroup(attacker) = group.getplayergroup (reciver)){
    //cancel event
    ^^ of course those getgroup methods dont exist but you can create them.

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