New-ish server, low personal population. Looking for some advice!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Bastiloo, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Basically the server is sitting at under fifteen players. We are of course running Bukkit and hosting through a server provider off-site.

    The general standard by our populace is they want PvP, and they want PvP to be interesting. Though they don't want to say... be forced onto a team, nor do they want teams to be a big push as to prevent things from getting out of hand with balancing.

    That being said... All of us want to still enjoy the game, mining and etc and then using said materials to further ourselves and then destroy our opponents.

    I've browsed around a bit, but my proposal to the community is simple : What plugins would you suggest for what we want? We are using Demigods right now, along with some quality of life things such as infinitecauldron, cookme, etc.

    My main request : Is there a sort of... protection plugin out there (that's up to date) that allows users to sort of place protection only on their blocks that is severely simple to use? That way people can build above ground and not have their things destroyed. (Forts, etc.)

    Do keep in mind I have browsed about, but being completely new a lot of these plugins and such I've found have a lot of other associated with them for them to work, etc.

    (Or in the worst case, this is the worst possible place to post this question and just point me to where I might find some help.)
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    Take a look at the plugin Grief Prevention. It has protection for personal builds but also a siege mode!
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