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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Gaidoon, Mar 8, 2012.

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    Hello readers I'm here t0o humbly request a plugin that will let me go any height i wish and reduce the width of the world to compensate i was thinking of say having a command that lets you set it by using the command /height 340, and it compensating by narrowing the world or changing nothing if you have the RAM. if anyone wises to pursue this i will be very grateful.
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    Setting the world building height to anything higher then it can go is impossible. There are plugins that can set the height to anything lower though well one outdated plugin.
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    It's impossible to increase the world height further, considering it was a feat to get it to 256 (read one of Notch's older blog posts about it)
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    Meh I'm not so sure about that i mean why can't the world width be narrowed to compensate?
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    The problem is more that chunks are vertical, so the 16x16xH volume is loaded into memory all at once. Increase the height to 1000, then the 16x16x128 or 16x16x256 chunks become 16x16x1000. Even if you never go up that high, the complete chunk is still loaded.

    One way to solve this would be to split the chunks vertically. Then you could have practically infinite height, just as you can now have practically infinite x and z. The Cubic Chunks mod did exactly this. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated (is only available for 1.0), and hasn't been ported to CraftBukkit. Anyone want to take on these challenges of updating and porting this mod?

    There is also an increased map height test plugin, which was successfully used to create 512+ worlds, but it is also outdated.
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    Can some please update these plugins this is a very useful mod
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    i find it strange that cubic chunks hasn't continued.
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    Well he only wants the chunks to be 16x16x333 as he said 1000 feet and each block is 3 feet.
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    As I understodd, the new format, anvil, actually acts similar to cubic chunks. Chunks are no longer 16*16*128 but 16*16*16 and stacked vertical in 16 layers without changing world generation (at least not from users pov) so if somebody find out how to mod the number of chuncs stacked vertically, it should be not too hard or resource demanding to expand the world height to any value...
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    Any takers?

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