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    hello i was wondering if someone could make a plugin that generates dungeons in the nether similar to in the overworld here is how they would look
    as in the picture they would look almost the same as the overworld one here is what mobs they can have
    hostile pigmen
    magma cube
    maybe....... hostile wolves to be hell hounds
    the items in the chest would be pretty much
    ghast tears
    nether warts
    anything you can pretty much find and get in the nether the main reason of this is to make legit ways to get spawners of these mobs and to add more things to the nether so you can have a reason to dig around in the nether i would be grateful if anyone can consider making something like this
    thank you for reading
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    i could make this but didnt they add nether forts?
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    i dont feel that nether forts are enough they are pretty empty

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