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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Eraldo, Nov 11, 2013.

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    I have essential homes in my server and realized players setting homes next to people's chests and just raid non stop. Can anyone suggest a balance for this? To make it fair.

    Thank you!
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    Only allow people to set one home. i.e., make sure they do NOT have essentials.sethome.multiple
    You may have to go and manually delete the extra homes people have set.

    There are chest protection plugins, if you want to prevent raiding entirely.
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    You can get a claiming plugin, if you want the server to be anti-grief. A good one is Grief-Prevention.
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    I use Factions, LWC, LWC-Economy and LWC-Tweaks

    Factions can claim land and if at war with others, can over-claim their land (if you allow it in the config). It will automatically kick anyone out of the faction if they are inactive for couple of weeks by default. If the last person is inactive, the faction will disband and all claimed land will return to the wilderness.

    With LWC, you can lock your chests but can place a limit on how many chests they can lock. You can even grant certain ranks higher limits. With economy addition, you can also require money for each lock. With the Tweaks plugin, you can configure it where the locks will become unlocked if the player has become inactive for a certain amount of time...on my server, it is 30 days.

    I like to make sure whatever is done, can be undone if left unmanaged as well as place limits forcing people to make tradeoffs such as only have 10 chests they can protect...which means some chests can be raidable but your most valuable items can remain protected.

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