Need server hosting recommendations!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BMX_ATVMAN14, May 24, 2012.

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    EDIT After 6 server host changes I need a good minecraft server host please what you use (Something YOU use and recommend not something you have seen around please) I have used beastnode and a few others I forgot :p Thanks ~BMX
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    They have their own Dedicated Servers.
  3. Most big servers like super-earth, citywars and even BuyCraft use Limestone Networks - Expensive but extremely good support
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    Nathan C

    "run sooo perfectly" is definitely debatable.
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    200+ No lag, Sounds pretty good to me since im on my 5th host switch in the last 2 weeks
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    Their support is good, the network is fairly good, but their prices are unreasonable. Most larger servers use cheaper providers.

    i5/i7/E3 with 24GB-32GB of RAM, and a SSD. 100mbps port is good, 1gbps is better if you have issues with network attacks.
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    Collocation with good connection to backbone is the way to go, not cheap to start and you have to manage your own hardware but the monthly costs are very low less than 100 USD for most.
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    Looks good but idk how to set it up with minecraft
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    Now would be a good time to learn. You aren't going to get the best dels with Minecraft specific hosting. They know they can charge more because people won't want to learn how to host it on their own.

    Use google, and the Bukkit IRC channel and you will do just fine.
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    Do you know how to? I went on the bukkit channel and googled it but it was all for home servers which I don't want
    Thanks ~BMX
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    You used fluctis too? A feel your pain.
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    aim2game ;)
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    BattleKid or NathanC are pretty good resources for this stuff. Are you really looking for 200 slot?

    I've only had experience with relatively small servers around (max 30-40 slot) my suggestions probably aren't great. Most recently I've had good stuff from Lethal Drive, but I don't know about large slot servers with them.
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    Stop going around to month old discussions advertising your company... It's pointless.
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