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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Taco, Oct 16, 2012.

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    I've not been working on my plugins for quite some time, but I've finally got the time (maybe) and a computer to be able to start updating my plugins again. However, I'm a busy college student and I'm trying to get a job of some sort, so I don't have the time to test my plugins very thoroughly. So, if you're interested in helping me out, keep reading.

    What I need in a tester:
    • The ability to copy/paste the entire error if one occurs.
    • Some means of communication with me. Bukkit PM works fine if need be, though I'd prefer steam or something along those lines.
    • I'd prefer you have a small public (or private) server so that regular use can be tested.
    What plugins I need testers for:

    Why help test my plugins?
    I cannot offer money or a position of power on a server. However, you will get some sort of recognition on BukkitDev and you will be helping me release less buggy and/or more efficient plugins.

    If you are interested, please either PM me or post here with the following info:
    Plugin(s) you want to be a tester for:
    How are you going to test it? (On a LAN server with your friends, a big public server, etc)
    How often are you around and available to test?
    How can I contact you?
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    gotta say, love the idea behind the Ailments, just a little more expanding with a bunch of diseases and it's great. Maybe some hospital stuff and what not. looking good!
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    Thanks! I hope to expand on it within the next few days. I've got some work to do with MorePhysics first, and I'm busy with work and D&D today, so it won't be terribly soon. :l
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