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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by xXCodesXx, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Hello! I've been with the minecraft community for a long time now, building and playing on multiple minecraft servers even owning a few. I can consider myself a decently skilled builder and plugin set up for server but I feel it has come to that time where I have a idea for a plugin and I don't know where to start to make one besides some basic tutorials and I still remain confused. I realized I need experience with Java and I can't seem to find out how to get taught coding so I can make a plugin I can call my own. PLEASE can someone help me learn how to code a plugin, I would offer up my idea for a plugin if I must but I wish to have a plugin I can call my own.
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    Just start! That's how I learned it, just by making plugins ,fixing my errors ,searching answers on the Internet.
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    If you really want that plugin immedialitely, then submit a plugin request.
    Learning java, then bukkit can take up a looooong time. 3-4 years minimum without any programming experience.
    Good luck!
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    3-4 years ?! It did not take me or anyone i know of over 3 years to grasp java
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    Yeah but as I said previously I wish to have this plugin not be out to the public, I know it seems a little selfish but I want a unique plugin on my server
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    It's not selfish. It's your plugin, do anything what you want with it. Then start with java.

    Me neither, I had a programming background, I can't guess what time it takes. Then let's say 2-3 years.

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    @mcdorli, I had a non-OOP java programming background and I learned Java and Bukkit within about a year and a half.
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    @xXCodesXx That statement may seem long, but it is not an unreasonable time frame. Learning a 1st programming language can take a long time. Many people on here refuse to learn Java first and most of them are the ones asking questions on here that could be solved if they had enough experience with Java. If you take 3 years to learn Java by itself, you will hit the ground running when you get into Bukkit.

    I'm not saying that you should take 3 years to learn Java first. Since I know you probably won't do that, take a year to study thoroughly and then if you feel comfortable, try Bukkit. Also remember to practice! That's how you gain experience.
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    And probably, after 3 years, bukkit and spigot would die completel
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    But Java won't!
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