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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by KakusCraft, Jan 15, 2012.

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    Hi there, i'll just go straight to the point.

    I currently hosting a local server (only for people from Indonesia).

    Right now i am with minecraftserver.net (1GB plan, 20 players)

    My server always get full during 3 Pm - 7 Pm time (my country) and actually it never lags.

    The lag is only caused by client to server communication because most people here have very bad internet connection.

    So i'm planning to move the host to Indonesia. There is no any minecraft hosters here. And i can't afford dedicated server.

    So, i'm planning to host on a vps.

    Price about $35 per month.

    Specs :

    Proccesor = Dual Processor Xeon X5650
    RAM (Dedicated) = 2048 MB
    RAM (Swap) = 4096 MB
    Disk Space = 100 GB
    Operating System = CentOS 5
    Bandwith Speed = 1Gbps

    Do you think this can handle my 20 players + the plugins ?

    Any help would be appreciated :)
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    Nathan C

    Are you really sure you want to move to Indonesia?

    If the majority of your players are Canada/USA players, then they may leave because of the great latency increase.

    EDIT: Seems like it is right next to Singapore. Singapore has absolutely horrible connection to North America and the prices of anything for hosting is outrageous.
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    Yes, but if it's a OpenVZ VPS then maybe not. For Minecraft, you almost always want Xen, because OpenVZ and Java don't play nice.
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    All of my players are from indonesia

    its not openvz or Xen

    but they said its KVM....

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    KVM should be fine. You're using Linux, right?
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    yes, im using CentOS
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