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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by FakeVareide, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Hello, most of you might know me as the creator of the survival games maps. I am looking for a new dev to make my plugins for me. Must be quite talented.
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    Could you elaborate somewhat?
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    He's not real Vareide... i hope.
    Proflile says: ''Male, 62''
    YouTube account says: ''Age: 22''
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    Hello Vareide,
    You posted this on the wrong section of the forums, next time you should post this on the "Show off your server" section. If this is a plugin request, then you need to tell us what plugins you want made and explain what the plugin should do, commands, permissions, etc.
    Plugin requests are available for everyone and I don't think anyone here does private plugins for this section. So again, you might try your luck at getting a "personal developer" on the "Show off your server" section:

    I know you're probably fake <3
  6. No real.. Most likely its not him. This is not even the right forum for this "need dev" stuff...

    Its not him, He became MEMBER TODAY... I think he would have already been a member if he was real.

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    Why's that...?
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    Prove you're Vareide and not a liar :3
    Edit.: Also, you can use your real age and just hide it on your profile.
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  10. Im the guy for you :p

    Add me on Skype: LittleCraftServer
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    Permanently banned. Good bye.
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