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    I am in current need of a few plugins which I can't seem to find anywhere to the specific specifications I want/need. Some of the plugins are simple and should take less than 50 lines of code. Some are a little more complicated but none should be so complex I would have to pay for them.

    1. AnvilRepairs (Yes I have seen the plugin they made but there is 1 thing I need.)

    If you would like to click on the link above, I want a plugin exactly like this but there is 1 more feature. Multi repairing. You can right click the anvil with multi items and they will all go on the anvil and repair at the same time. This would require a permission node to have access to this. The permission could be AnvilRepairs.Multi. Also could you add /rename to the plugin and it will rename the item (allows colour codes) for a certain cost (either XP or money) which is configurable in the .config.

    2. XPPerKill (I know weird but I haven't found anything but maybe there is something out there)

    What it says in the title, you gain xp per kill you gain (animal or player). You can gain 1 - 10 xp levels but its all random so lets say I kill someone I may gain 8.3 xp levels (You can edit this in the config)

    3. NameColour (I don't want a nick name so don't put essentials)

    The reason I don't want a nickname is because this is a donator command and I don't want them to change there name, just there name colour. The command they use is /colour <colour> or /color <color>. The permissions would be Namecolour.colour.aqua,, and so on. They can also check what colours they can chose from by typing /colors or /colours (Everyone can do that by default).

    4. BeaconDropParys

    If you click a beacon it will start a drop party of random items (with and without enchantments) which you can change in the config. The beacon will start a drop party every 30 minutes for example or every 10 votes (all changeable in the config). When they click the anvil it will say
    "Anvil Drop Party:
    You still have to wait 8 minutes 53 seconds
    Till the drop party starts!"

    5. ItemFramPlus

    When ever a player right clicks a set item frame it will give them the item in there inventory (if the item has enchantments in the item frame the enchantments will stay, same for the name and lore) it will also play a custom sound like EXP_ORB_PICKUP or POTION_SPLASH_SOUND (configurable in the config.) You set a item frame by using the command /itemframe set. Only OP's can use that command. You can also add cool downs on when you can get that items again by typing /itemframe cooldown <time>. Only OP's can type this to.

    6. GetLvls

    When a player type /getlevels it will give them a certain amount of xp levels which can be set in the config.

    7. Cliam

    When someone buys items on Buycraft I don't want it to go straight into there inventory. I want it to message them saying "&aYou can claim your item(s) by typing /claim" the command /claim doesn't require any permissions. When they type /claim it will say "&eThanks for donating here are your item(s)" and it will give the items they bought with there custom names, lores and enchantments.

    I know there is a lot of plugin requests here all in one but I DON'T expect 1 person to have to work on all of these. There is no specific time for when I want these done by but next week would be nice :)

    Thanks for reading and thank you if you create the plugin I have requested for, have a good day!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Here is the log. I see no errors thats why I was wondering if I was missing a plugin
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Ok that seems to be working but your plugin has to many features which I won't use and it seem to override current prefixes which is annoying. Are you able to create the name colour plugin I requested for?

    Ah yeah, whoops. I got distracted
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    You can disable most features in the Config, but yes it overrides the Prefix System you might need to switch to RankPrefix+.
  10. mrCookieSlime Isn't it late where you are? Go to sleep man! Even Tim has gone off.
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    Yes it is about midnight but a shiny green plate will tell you why Im still on :3
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    Seems like your trying to make a copy of RedstonePvP and GlowstonePvP :p
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