Ne help with plugins (prism and misc.)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by shooter9898, Mar 12, 2013.

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    I need help with prism in the config it show i can set the wand to a tool and i wanted bedrock, but it stays as your hand

    default-mode: Bedrock
    default-item-mode-id: '27:0'
    default-block-mode-id: '17:2'
    auto-equip: true
    allow-user-override: true

    And does anyone know a good plugin that alerts the staff if someone breaks glass, wool, or a valuable block (would prefer it not to be Spy Glass)
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    Make a ticket on the dev.bukkit plug-in page. Bukkit Help is for crashs, permissions, etc.
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    Bukkit Help is for seeking help with the server, or plugins (if someone knows about that plugin, they are more than welcome to help out).

    Often seeking support from the plugin dev will result in a better response, but there is no reason they cannot ask on Bukkit Help.
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    ok thanks
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    You need to set the default-mode to "block" and the block-id to "7". Prism also has alerts for blocks broken, you can configure the list of blocks monitored to fit your needs.
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