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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Colt_slayer, Dec 26, 2015.

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    You know how when you're in creative mode , if you press control and middle click a chest, minecraft saves the contents of the chest and puts a copy of the chest with all the items in it in your inventory?

    Is it possible to make it so that if someone in survival breaks a chest ,a chest with +NBT would drop instead of all the items on the floor?
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    @Colt_slayer Just warning you, I highly doubt anyone will make this plugin the specific way you have requested, because Bukkit doesn't have support for this, and it is very hard to understand/use the underlying Minecraft code.
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    In what non-specific way would it be done?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Colt_slayer Giving the chest a certain displayname / lore that allows developers to check which chest it is.
    Items are stored in the config
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    I mean the goal is still so that players in survival can move chests with items around with ease.
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    @Colt_slayer I must warn you, players will abuse this. It's essentially infinite backpacks. I would recommend a form of JABBA's Dolly, whereby the player receives debilitating effects such as Slowness while carrying one.
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    Yeah I've been thinking about that. I thought maybe getting a plugin to prevent players from putting chests in chests.
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    But then how would you store your empty ones, if you want to keep a bunch on hand?
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    I meant like no putting the speical chests in chests
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    I believe your request is for a plugin that pickups a chest and places one in your inventory that represents it and when you place it aging, it is converted into the chest that you picked up that held your items.

    I been interested in a plugin like for sometime

    Problems Encountered

    Loss of player items due to:

    Plugin Failure

    Player Stupidly

    Unknown Event

    Solution: The plugin makes a flat file that lists the names of players who use chests and list all the chests they have created and the items original placed in them, this flat file acts has a log and only stores information without updating old information.

    Endless chest storage:

    Solution: Block the ability to place special chest in a normal chest, ender chest, hopper, dropper, and dispenser.

    The player can only have 4 special chest at a time however this can be changed with the use of the configuring.
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    How does bukkit not support this?
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    You could probably do it with command blocks lol.
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    I know you can make it something like this plugin however my dev failed to make a stable version in 1.7
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