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    Suggested name: Nations+ or NationsPlus

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where staff create nations, and players can join nations. The nation's territory is determined by where the biome starts and stops. Staff will be able to create towns within the nation, and within those towns, there are houses/shops for rent.

    House/shop plots are defined by any half slab around it.

    Nations will NOT be protected but towns will be.

    There will be no need to define the borders of a nation, because the border is the edge of the biome.

    Staff can define the borders of the town with WorldEdit. The selection doesn't need to be a cuboid, because the town protection will expand from bedrock to the sky.

    Upon joining a nation, players have to wait 10 days before they leave the nation and join a different one.

    Upon joining a town, players must wait 1 day before leaving and joining a different town.

    There could possibly be signs in spawn to join a nation:
    Line 1: [NationsPlus]
    Line 2: {name of nation}
    Line 3: {price - optional}
    Line 4: Blank

    When a player joins a nation he/she is teleported to the capitol of that nation. There, they choose a town to join by clicking a sign.
    Line 1: [NationsPlus]
    Line 2: {name of town}
    Line 3: {price - optional}
    Line 4: Blank

    Ideas for commands:
    Staff commands:
    /nation create [name] : create a new nation
    /nation remove [name] : remove a nation
    /nation town create [town-name] : create a town within the nation you are currently in
    /nation town remove [town-name] : remove a town
    /nation bypass : bypass the protection of a town
    /nation peaceful : declare your nation peaceful (no pvp or tnt)
    /nation town mayor [player] : make the mayor of a town another player.
    /nation setcapitol [town-name] : set the capitol of a nation

    Player commands:
    /nation join [nation] : join a nation
    /nation town join [town-name] : join a town within your nation
    /nation info : displays info about a nation
    /nation town info : displays info about your town
    /nation [nation] town info [name] : display information about any town
    /nation leave
    /nation town leave

    Ideas for permissions:
    Staff permissions:

    Player permissions:

    When I'd like it by: Sometime Soon.

    Note: I do not want Factions or Towny, I've looked at them both. I've also seen many others, and they don't fit my needs.

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