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    Hey! Very soon, I'll be launching a large Naruto RPG themed server. I can do everything server wise except coding a plugin for it. I've tried and tried but I just can't do it. I'm looking for someone who is a decent coder and is willing to help out. Anyone who accepts this job will get a high ranking status on the server (Maybe even Co-owner)
    Note: No Naruto experience needed!
    Here's my basic idea... I don't want to tell everything out loud so someone doesn't take it:
    Upon arriving to the server, you would simply type in what clan you want to join (Something like /Naruto choose <Clan>) Clans then determine what type of Jutsu/abilities you can use. To use your abilities you can bind them to your item slots... Scrolling to that slot and clicking will activate you ability.
    I have the entire plugin planned and I'm full of ideas. If you are interested please message me or post on this thread.
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    theres a magic plugin that has some of the naruto moves...and you can change the name and the item to activate it.

    i made a naruto server with this plugin also but i shut it down becuz i had other plans :3
  3. I coded a little jutsu for another server called naruto silentcraft but I stopped playing for them cause they were inexperienced and a bad naruto server.

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