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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, May 23, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Mechnical

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: NametagEdit

    What I want: I would like a plugin that allows player to change name of a name_tag that later can be use to rename any tamed animal or mob.

    Name Tag wiki:

    How to edit a name_tag?

    *Player press Shift + Right_Click on name_tag in hand.
    *Cost experience level to edit a name_tag.
    *Color code are support for colored names.

    If player has enough experience level, it will prompt player to type in a desire name in chat but does not take the experience level from player until the actual rename took place for the name_tag.

    Please type a desire name for your name tag. You may use color code as well. example: &6yourdesirenamehere

    player type a name and it will make the display name of name tag to the name player typed. At this time, it will also take away cost experience level from player.

    When renamed name tag is used on a tamed animal or mob. It will change it's name to this custom name.

    name tag is consumed as it would in vanilla when used.

    #How many experience level to edit a nametag.
    cost: 1
    nameEditMessage: "&fPlease type a desire name for your name tag. You may use color code as well. example: &6yourdesirenamehere"
    levelErrorMessage: "&cYou don't have enough experience level to edit this name tag."
    nameChangedMessage: "&3You have successfully change {entity} name to {nametag}."

    Commands: none

    Permissions: none

    Thank you for reading.
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    This is for the actual minecraft name tag item and not the player name tags.
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    I'm good at Java but have nothing else to do, so I think this kind of program will be easy enough for me to do. Do you still need this plugin made before I go ahead and make?
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    I have the plugin finished, and is available here
    ive tested it with only 1 user on a server, but it *should* function with more than 1 user, and there are so far no issues encountered, if there are any issues tell me and i'll attempt to fix them.

    Also as a naming safeguard i've set the max length of the renamed nametag to be 12 , but tell me if you want that modified/removed/etc...
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