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Discussion in 'General Help' started by CoffeeAC, Feb 21, 2018.

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    So im Co-Owner of a server by the side of a few of my friends that will be released soon. We want everything to be at the best of its ability and so far everything is, except for one thing... We had a plugin called "Coloured Tags" we used it up until about a day ago when we got annoyed from a possible bug. Our players are glowing and we dont know how to get rid of it! I've tried to clear all effects, search online for it, and even deleted the plugin itself! We just cant seem to find a solution. So I created this account & thread to ask for help and knowing that im a new dev, most problems im not able to solve! As I said, we eventually removed the plugin and got NameTagEdit and expected the problem to go away. But from the screenshot shown below, it isnt fixed! If there're any possible solutions on our situation, please notify us!! Thank you if you find and tell us a solution!

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    We use the plugin Tablist which I believe uses scoreboards but im not completely sure, I will try and dig deeper into the plugin to see if it is affecting us, but other than that it was happening before we even got the plugin

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