name seen from distance kills hidden places.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by axebyte, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Its so annoying when anyone is trying to build something hidden, and you can see that great white little name underground from 40 tiles away.
    I looked thru here and didnt see mention of this, in the bukkit forums. But i think a nice plugin that makes the range of white name tags be like 10-15 spaces max, then just dissapear be awesome and helpful.

    hope someone picks this up.
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    Or just have it hidden behind underground specific blocks, more useful that way. (Think of em as of radar vision blockers)
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    If you hold down the shift key you start creeping. While doing this your name goes away if you are out of line of sight. It also shades it gray and less bright.
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    Yeah but its sorta silly to be walking around holding shift key while your building a secrect area or just dont want to be found, and then walking around mining and so on again while holding shift down.
    I personally think just having the name range reduced or hidden would be a lot more useful and player friendly then duct taping my shift key down.

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