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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by THEK, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I'm currently updating a plugin that uses the SQLibrary by PatPeter. I need to update the layout of the tables without losing any data.

    How do I check if all the columns are there? Should I have the column layout stored in a HashMap or something and check against that?

    I thought it would be easy by only checking if 1 column is missing, but what if I add another column in the future and someone updates from 2 versions ago and is missing both columns. Plus perhaps I'll add new tables and need to check they've got those too.
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    So what is it exactly what you want?
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    I'd like to know the best way to check that the current database layout matches the updated layout. If it doesn't simply add the columns that are missing.
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    Take a look at this. A command you can call is "PRAGMA table_info(table_name)". I haven't tried it myself but I would suggest you look up the documentation on it.
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    select everything from the table ("SELECT * FROM table"), and loop over it.
    • Check the values (update if neccesary) and remove from your runtime storage.
    • INSERT all the storage that was not removed
    • DELETE what was in the table but not in the storage
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    Nope, layout/structure, not data.

    skore87 Just looking at it now, thanks

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    Why do you even want/need a dynamic structure?
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    Probably upgrading from an old version that used a different structure where he would want to alter the table instead of migrate it to a new database.
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    I do a CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS and catch an SQLException. If the table exists as you specified, it does nothing. If the table has a different structure, however, it will throw an exception.

    This is also a good idea.

    That would be O(n) and very taxing on the server, but as stated it's structure and not data.
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