My Server was Exploted

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by arkaman, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Hello, this morning I woke up to my freind destorying my world. That would seem simple but I was talking to him at the time. I don't know how he got OPed. Is there any exploints known for these plugins? I guess it is possible that my friends account was hacked, but how would they know to go to my server? Unless this was personal? I have always tried to be fair only banning people who broke our set rules. I am on 1.2.4

    CommandBook "463-89821aa" - Unknown Author

    Dynmap-WorldGuard "0.16" - mikeprimm

    PermissionsBukkit 1.6 - SpaceManiac

    WorldEdit 1138-dfefd47 - Unknown Author

    WorldGuard "599-a7d1988" - Unknown Author

    dynmap "0.36.2-1070"

    mChatSuite 1.2.4-b199jnks-R1

    Here's the IP that was used. Put it on your servers ban list if you want.
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    Use online mode, or you will have these issues.
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    arkaman you realize that getting around an IP ban is easy as pie right?

    and no, there are no known exploits that would allow someone to OP themselves if you have online-mode=true, if you have it to false then anyone could log onto your server as you and do everything you could
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    I use online mode.

    mindless728 yes. I just was looking for a legitment reason to post his IP.

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    HE might have had family that got onto his account
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    <Alkoed> ./permissions player setperm <player> <[world:]node> [true|false]
    They used this command.
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    Then you need to make sure they dont have access to that, should resolve the issue I think
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    Never mind my friend had a stupid password. he basically had his password be password.
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    Well you cant help that lol, damn
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    Nope. I am giving him hell right now.
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