MY first ever plugin (Uploaded to dev.bukkit!)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by johnny boy, Feb 1, 2017.

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    johnny boy

  2. @MemeplexOwner Few things to improve on

    1: You made a public and unused variable in "MainClass", remove it
    2. You should not call your main class "Main", "MainClass" and things like that, it should be your project name.
    3. Do you own If not remove it from the package, it's not your domain. Use me.<username>.<project>
    4. How come you make a string to append to StringBuilder? Simply make that
    1. renameMessage.append(args[x]).append(" ");

    5. You use Player#getItemInHand() which is deprecated now, so if you support the latest versions you should change that to Inventory#getItemInMainHand()
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    johnny boy

    I will improve on those things, so an update is coming out specifically just for the com.p250 thing.

    Apart from that, what should I work on next?
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    I would add stuff like changing the lore, adding enchantments, removing enchantments! For the display name and lore you should do something in the configuration that is like:
    Ps: It's a space so it would begin with a space, so players cannot imitate a special name from a plugin! So another variation of the configuration could be:
    WaterMark:&oMan Made&r&d
    Leaving it blank would do nothing :p
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