Multiworld! Nether! A planet full of creepers!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Feb 6, 2011.

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    The worst part is, they don't die with /butcher (WorldEdit) and the fireballs are invisible, it's horrible D:
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    It happens to me with 2 normal worlds.
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    I had fun hunting ghasts last night - the "arrow" spell from Spells works great for killing them!

    Fireball, not so much, unfortunately, because my targeting system only works with blocks :( But arrow uses the built-in API, so it fires straight and true :) And fast.
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    I have figured out the CPU load bug (and sent a pull request).

    It is caused by a mismatch between the spawn-animals setting for the server and the setting for the world.

    Animals are always enabled for new worlds, so if you disable animals in, there will be a misalignment of the 2 parameters.

    The server will think there are no animals, but the world will have them.
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    How can I prevent my server from creating the nether map because I don't want it... When I delete the map it just keeps recreating it.
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    It shouldn't be, unless you've got a plugin installed that's doing that automatically.

    NetherGate, for instance, only creates an automatic hellworld named "nether" on first portal use. Up til then, even if you have the plugin installed, there's only the default world around (unless you use "/nether create world").

    Different plugins vary, but I can tell you from experience that bukkit does no world-creating of its own internally, beyond the default world you specify in

    Hope that helps!
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 6:31 PM ---

    Is this the same reason that ghasts and pigmen spawn in a nether world, regardless of server properties settings?

    If that's a bug that can be fixed, I pretty much don't have to make the CrowdControl plugin ;)

    BTW- in terms of performance, I had almost 350 ghasts in a single nether world at some point. I had to implement a "/nether nuke" to kill off all the ghasts- partly for performance reasons, and partly because it's really hard to test a nether fast travel plugin with ghasts shooting at me!

    (guh.... it occurs to me now that there's no reason at all I have to be using a hellworld to test fast travel... geez... facepalm!)
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    They made a decision to turn on animals and monsters in other worlds. Presumably, this was to allow a dangerous nether + safe normal.

    I think the plan is that the createWorld method will have an input that allows you to set animals and monsters. However, I needed to check if they can do it safely.
  8. Multiple nether portals were the culprit of lag on our server, shutting off nether fixed the problem. This is a great start so far but we've had some problems with Nether so far as it's a tricky beast to manage.
  9. is there any update on unloadWorld() and deleteWorld() or removeWorld()? Or did I over-read something and miss it?
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    wondering if you'll add a seed argument and a world.getSeed() command would be very helpful for kind of an alternate world thing.
    Like server.createWorld(name, Environment.NETHER or .NORMAL, SEED)
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    Is different world run in different thread ?
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    I <3 you for finding this, btw. Do you know if a fix got in?
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    The fixed it in a different way, but it should be fixed.
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    So any chance for customizable world generators? I for one, would love a floating islands world ;-)
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Yes. It's half done.
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    Oooohhhh biomes! Omg ... wow. Which half? :D

    Oh, btw- CrowdControl can now make that planet of creepers you've always wanted- I've got one, actually, on my server:

    Once I have portal tracking (and targeted portals) I'm going to point one specific portal at this world and make griefers walk the green mile (or zap them with a spell if they won't do the honorable thing)... my creeper world will be a one-way ticket.
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    What will you use as the floor of that world? A giant ocean with islands floating above it, or will there be a relatively flat 'normal' world generated below it?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    There'll be a chunk generator, which actually makes the world, and then any number block generators which populates it with things; floating islands, lakes, dungeons, whatever. Currently the chunk generator is complete.
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    Is this in the experimental branch or anything? Can I start playing? :D
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    It's in the generator branch.
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    Must go see... :D
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    Is there any plans on making so you can have a separate plugins folder for the other words? I mean I would at least like to have somethings like permissions for other worlds unless I missed something... For instance if I had a PVP world and people wanted to warp to the non PVP world is that possible at least or is that already a function?
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    I think you want multiple servers for that- ServerPort could get you there, without multiworld :)

    Multiworld is like having an extra layer of abstraction we can deal with- it's actually kind of the whole point that plugin data is shared between worlds, and that its a consistent player space... otherwise, why not just have multiple servers?
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    I would think that it would be up to the plugins to support different settings per world. Several have already started doing this. MultiVerse, for example, will allow you vary PVP, mob, and animal settings per world.
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    Sure, a plugin could do that. Mine won't, fyi, unless they're set up specifically for the purpose of differentiating worlds- such as NetherGate or CrowdControl.

    Spells and Wand, for instance, are never going to behave differently depending on what world you're in- at least not at a per-player level. I could see Spells communicating to NetherGate, and NG could give a list of "disallowed" spells per-world, something like that.

    But this is all just customization, configuration and inter-plugin communication (for me, NetherGate will always be my "hub" for all multi-world content in my plugins- obviously this approach will differ from dev to dev).

    It sounded to me, in your OP, like what you were asking for is for multi-world itself to automatically partition out plugins and data, and that's definitely not the idea there.
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    Do you really need much in the way of inter-plugin communication here? I mean, it's nice that MultiVerse can manage pvp and mobs for you, but it might be a little out of scope for the mod.

    According to the OP, all plugins need to be at least multi-world aware. Maybe I'm talking out of my butt here (I am sort of arm-charing this), but since plugins can query Bukkit for loaded worlds, shouldn't they be able to operate independently for the most part? If Permissions (or the future built-in permissions) served a different set of permissions depending on which world the player was currently in this may abstract it away for most plugins that use it. But plugins could also query for the current world and respond appropriately.
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    It's not that it couldn't work this way, it's that it shouldn't. Not in my opinion, anyway. There is a hierarchy present- a Server has multiple Worlds.

    The place for something like permissions (and persistence, and scheduling, and... everything having to do with plugins, basically) is Server, not World.

    It's really as simple as that, from a technical perspective (I think)- it's harder to explain why it won't do what you're asking, directly, as a result :)

    Just use ServerPort, what's the BD? :D
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    I respectfully disagree. Worlds are a subset of server now. Therefore if the place for something like permissions is server, it should support world downstream. Ideally, all plugins should be world aware. They don't have to treat worlds differently (it may not make sense for a particular plugin), but support is a plus! It least until this all changes when Minecraft itself changes. :D

    The BD is resources and porting between worlds. :)
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    So I haven't seen anything on how to host more than 2 worlds, is there any way to do that on one server :?
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    You need a plugin that supports this. Like Multiverse, or NetherPortals, or the essentials plugin that allows you to use a command to travel to another world. Its all plugin based.
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