multiworld fails to load chunk of player location

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by uncovery, Apr 3, 2011.

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    I have 3 worlds:

    I am using CB 621
    Plugins: worldguard, worldedit, commandbook, edpicgates, borderguard, carftirc, essentials, herochat, localshops, iconomychestshops, mapmarkers, minecartmania, permissions, whitelist. All latest versions for CB 602 and above. All plugins are working as expected.

    world (normal, primary)

    nether (nether)
    public (normal)

    When I as an admin teleport into any world it works fine. If other users teleport into nether and back, it works fine (via epicgates or /tp).

    If Users however teleport into "public", they drop into a chunkfail. The chunk that fails is the chunk where they are located, all other chunks around them load fine. They drop x0'000 blocks and eventually die, come back to normal world. For me, this does not happen

    This happens no matter how they get into the world, through a gate, or /tp. I tried to generate a different world, same thing happened.

    see screenshot below:


    anyone else having this?

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