MultiVersePortals Doesn't save location & Inventory

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MRstrategy, Jan 28, 2014.

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    So Im trying to load my Drug server and I have a hub setup right?
    A player spawns at /spawn. They then have to walk through the DrugServer Portal.
    Once they do that they are located at /warp spawn (Spawn for the drug server).
    Lets say I have a diamond helmet equipped and 7 sticks in my inventory and I run out 10,000k blocks.
    Once I log out, and back in, I get put in the hub (Like I Want), then once walking through the Drug portal I expect them to be put back at their location upon logging out, AND with their inventory saved.
    But what happens is, regardless of where they were, the mvp tp's them to /warp spawn.
    Now, obviously I could say "Just remember to /sethome and deal with it" but that sucks and I know this can be fixed because I've seen it happen on other servers.
    Also, When they are brought to /warp spawn (upon relog) the diamond helm is still equipped, yet my sticks are gone ...
    Is there anything in the config file I need to change? This is really irritating and it'd piss allot of people off if they accidentally logged off without putting their entire inventories in a chest before logging. Please help! Thank you!
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    Do you have multiverse core and multiverse inventory plugin?
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    With hub you mean, a principal world? Or principal server? you are using bungeecord to have many servers connected?
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    I used a plugin called, "HubTeleport"
    And I had a seperate world (Default, world) set as the hub (/sethub) then using Multiverse, I set up a new world called, DrugServer. Then added a portal (Multiverse portal) connected to a portal in the DrugServer world.
    Never connected them or anything.. ;-;

    It was an error on my part, I didn't mean they are different servers, I meant different worlds,
    in the future i plan on having multiple portals for, prison, drugs, etc. and I meant the DrugWorld. xP
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    The Fancy Whale

    It does not save locations you need to use this awesome plugin: HomeSpawnPlus
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