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    Okay, so I'm setting up SurvivalGames on my server. I'm planning on using all 3 of the maps, which would mean one world for each map. Now, I'm only going to use those worlds and the vanilla worlds, so that's 6 maps in total.

    I've heard that having a lot of worlds can cause lag, and I assume that's because every world generates chunks. But in the SurvivalGames maps, you're in a glass dome. You can't get out, therefore new chunks will not be generating. Therefore, no lag?

    I need someone to tell me if having these 3 extra worlds will cause my server to lag. It's a 16gb server, with the best internet money can buy.
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    6 worlds with 16GB should be fine. But even if new chunks aren't generating the extra worlds will have an impact (but with that much RAM it won't be hardly any).

    Also, as a tip, you can use WorldEdit to copy the arenas all into one world and just use one. You don't need one world per map.
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    well seeing as i have a 10 world server {with 60+plugins}with only 5 gig ram dedicated to the server and its fine even with 50 people im sure you would be fine with just 6 given you have 16 gig ram
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