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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheAdventurer, Jul 28, 2019.

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    Hey guys, bit of a long story but the details may matter
    I'm setting up a small server for friends, and there's 3 different worlds that you can play in using Multiverse: lobby, survival and creative. When first setting up the server, there was only the 'survival' world and I later thought of adding a 'lobby' world that players spawn in on joining, and from that lobby they can enter the survival or creative world. Setting the 'firstspawnworld' to 'lobby' didn't work, as players still spawned in 'survival' by default. Then I read about making the 'lobby' the standard world, by changing the world file from 'survival' to 'lobby'. Doing this resulted in people spawning in 'lobby' when joining, but then a new problem occurred: the world was completely empty. though it was a void world, I had built a small flying island around the world spawnpoint, but on joining there was nothing. you couldn't even see players that were also in the lobby world. Looked like it loaded nont of the world, but still spawned players in it. I could teleport to the other worlds from there using /mvtp and even using warps that I had setup in those worlds, and then when I teleported back to the lobby, everything was there! Does anyone know how I can solve this problem of the server not loading this one world on initial spawn?
    would really help a lot
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    Machine Maker

    @TheAdventurer when you set 'firstspawnworld' to lobby and then had players join, had those players joined before? Players will only spawn in the lobby the VERY first time they join a server, not everytime they connect.
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    @X1machinemaker1X yeah they had joined before. I tested and removed my alt account from the usercache and playerdata and when that one joined, it went into the lobby. Now the question would be: if firstspawnworld doesn't do it, what else can I do to make players spawn in the lobby by default?
    edit: will make separate thread for this, as this is a different question. marking as solved
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