Multiverse Teleport issues

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Porgeyman, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Hello there,

    So here is whats wrong. I am using the plugin ServerHub so players can teleport around my server no problem. But when you type /hub they get the error message in the screenshot below. I added all those perms. (Perms file will be added below) And still they get the same error. Any help appreciated!


        default: false
        - multiverse.access.*
        - multiverse.teleport.self.w
        - multiverse.teleport.other.w
        - multiverse.teleport.self.b
        - multiverse.teleport.other.b
        - multiverse.teleport.self.a
        - multiverse.teleport.other.a
        - multiverse.teleport.self.p
        - multiverse.teleport.other.p
        - multiverse.teleport.self.e
        - multiverse.teleport.other.e
        - multiverse.teleport.*
    This is an example of Code from my groups.yml file.
    Thanks, Porgeyman
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