Multiverse Portals not working

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheMatteleven, Apr 23, 2013.

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    non ops cant go through portals
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    you need to add this permission to the default groups: multiverse.portals.use.* hope that helps :) or according to you the non-ops contact me on skype: driftwood1999 if you need further assistance :)
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    I need help with this as well, ops can use portals, but no one else can..

    I added multiverse.portals.use.* to groupmanager and set both configs for enforceaccess: false and enforceportalaccess: false, but they still will not work for non ops.

    Any help?
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    List of plugins.
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    banmanager, citizens, coreprotect, essentials, essentialsGM, essentialsProtect, essentialsSpawn, essentialsChat, GriefPrevention,mcMMO, minez-chests, multiverse core, multiverse inv, multiverse portals, MyPets, MythicDrops, MyZ
    NoCheatPlus, SQLLibrary, TagAPI,uSkyblock, Vault, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

    Thanks for helping me guys!

    Anyone? I 've tried everything!

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  6. same problem for me :/
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    Go into Multiverse's worlds.yml file and find the world you're having this problem in. Make sure "portalform: ALL" and see if that works. Make sure your per-world permissions both contain the node Driftwood mentioned, if you have per-world perms enabled (in the Essentials config) and also check to see if maybe per-warps are causing any problems, worth a check. :)
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