Solved Multiverse/portals, need to remove items when traveling between worlds

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by marsrover, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Ok, so I have a place called world2, it is in survival mode and links to 2 portals.
    First portal takes you to another survival map (an island)
    Second portal takes you to world (a creative flat map)
    The problem is if you go to the creative world, load up on blocks, and come back to the survival world (where all the fun is) you keep your blocks you just took.
    I need a way to remove all blocks from your inventory as you travel from world (creative) to world2 (survival) Or make the creative world only available to VIP and admin members.

    I have multiverse, multiverse portals, permissions (
    And my current permissions file is something like this.

    Code (Text):
    2. #a bunch of intro stuff I deleted here to save space (just for this post)
    3. users:
    4.   marsrover:
    5.     groups:
    6.     - admin
    7.   player:
    8.     groups:
    9.     - default
    10.   cora:
    11.     groups:
    12.     - builder
    13. groups:
    14.   default:
    15.     default: true
    16.     info:
    17.       build: false
    18.     permissions:
    19. false
    20. # command that allows all portals to be used, as a guest you can't build anywhere, so I'm fine with guests exploring 'world' since they can't build/destroy anything.
    21.   admin:
    22.     permissions:
    23.       permissions.*: true
    24. # command that allows all portals to be used
    25.   builder:
    26.     permissions:
    27. true
    28. # insert some command that allows all portals except greentoworld to be used (this rank is used for regular members)
    29.   VIP:
    30.     permissions:
    31. true
    32. # insert some command here that allows all portals to be used (rank for regular members I trust not to abuse the block bug of jumping between worlds)
    33. messages:
    34.   build: You do not have permission to build here.
    35. debug: false
    Side note here, I gave up on trying to get the permissions for builder and admin to be the only ones to be able to use portals so I ran '/mv conf enforceaccess false' and
    '/mvp conf enforceportalaccess false' to make a quick patch to get people moving from world to world

    Permissions were giving me a headache.

    Can someone get only VIP and admins to access the creative world. Everyone else can only use world2 and world4.

    Sorry for the long post, I kinda changed my mind on what I wanted to do mid way through typing this so I had to re-write bits.

    As for getting the player ranks to show up in chat... that's going to have to be another thread, another day.

    UPDATE: worked it out the second way, allow default group to go anywhere but do nothing
    builder can go anywhere but the creative map
    VIP can go anywhere
    Admin can go anywhere
    Here's my config file if any other person stumbles on this. One thing left to do, get the chat to display what rank you are. Most likely with a prefix command.

    Code (Text):
    1. # PermissionsBukkit configuration file
    2. users:
    3.   marsrover:
    4.     groups:
    5.     - admin
    6.   player:
    7.     groups:
    8.     - default
    9.   cora:
    10.     groups:
    11.     - builder
    12. groups:
    13.   default:
    14.     default: true
    15.     permissions:
    16. false
    17.       lwc.deny: true
    18.       multiverse.portal.access.*: true
    19.       multiverse.access.*: true
    20.   admin:
    21.     permissions:
    22.       permissions.*: true
    23.       lwc.admin: true
    24.       multiverse.portal.access.*: true
    25.       multiverse.access.*: true
    26.   builder:
    27.     permissions:
    28. true
    29.       lwc.protect: true
    30.       multiverse.portal.access.redtoworld4: true
    31.       multiverse.portal.access.bluetospawn2: true
    32.       multiverse.portal.access.greentoworld: false
    33.       multiverse.access.*: true
    34.       multiverse.portal.debug: true
    35.   VIP:
    36.     permissions:
    37. true
    38.       lwc.mod: true
    39.       lwc.protect: true
    40.       multiverse.portal.access.*: true
    41.       multiverse.access.*: true
    42.       multiverse.portal.debug: true
    43. messages:
    44.   build: You do not have permission to build here.
    45. debug: false
    note, add portal.debug if you can't figure out what is going on. :)
    sorry for taking up space. I'll close this thread once I get the chat prefixes working.

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    Sounds like you need some multiverse-inventories. It's a great addon for handling world inventories, and can even group worlds together.

    I use it on my server to keep the 3 "original" maps sharing the same inventory... things like my redstone map has it's own, as well as my survival only map.
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    I did not even know about that plugin. Cool.
    However, I just got everything sorted out about what ranks can go where. I kinda want to keep it this way. (don't fix what ain't broken)

    Chat is fixed, follow tutorials around the web, learn the code, be the code.

    Closing thread.

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