MultiTag - Show multiple group prefixes in chat, based on user's groups, with priority.

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    Plugin category: Chat, Groups, Info

    Suggested name: MultiTag

    What I want: For my server I need a system for donators, to easily add a [$] symbol before their standard prefix. Donators on my server are in two groups. Their actual rank group (Builder, AdvBuilder, etc etc) and a temporary donator group which does NOTHING aside from have a prefix set. The problem lies in that bChat, to my knowledge, does not support showing the prifxes of BOTH groups, and defaults to the one with the higher priority. I would like to be able to add a group to a player, and have both prefixes show in chat, in order of their priority.

    In the permissions file, BobTheBuilder would be both in the Donator group, and the Builder group. The [$] being from the Donator group prefix and [Builder] being from Builder obviously :p

    There are a few ways to go about this. It could be managed on a per-user basis. Having this plugin set a user prefix based on a combination of all the groups they are in (in my case only 2 at a time is possible at most) Or, in some way, changing bchat's behavior with a plugin to allow it to show both. I am open to methods to accomplish this task, even if it requires restructuring how we have the groups set up currently. I am not dead set that it would have to be accomplished this way.

    EDIT I just had the idea of setting the prefix priority via a meta tag or even a plugin permission. something like multitag.order.2 or something. That way you wouldn't have to mess up your possibly very specific group priorities just to get prefixes in the order you want. this would keep it from messing with peoples current setups.

    Ideas for commands: There really don't have to be any commands for this if it works on per user basis simply checking periodically for user group changes and updating their user prefix accordingly. Surely a /mt recheck or something to force rechecking the groups I guess.

    Ideas for permissions: multitag.true to enable the per user prefixes (Id have this enabled for the default group, and inherited by all) multitag.admin to allow reloading and such.
    EDIT: and for the above edit, multitag.order.#

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday :/ This is a listed perk of our donation system and I cant bring it online until I get a solution. Any help, requests, or needs to get this done will be given (within reason :p )

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