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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by armagedon2212, Jan 10, 2020.

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    Hi! I have an idea!
    I'm teaching kids programming in Minecraft. We have one account per computer. I need plugin that allows me to create "profile" for every kid. So when kid log into server in random computer he need to login also into his profile to get his inventory and logout location.

    It would begreat to create Ranks. When kid have did his task he earns point or OP give him points. When he reach threshold he have rank up, and every rank has his own permissions.

    I also need Multiworld support. I want to upload different maps into server.

    It would be nice if u can add custom nicknames after logging in. So when player register with ex. /register <name> <password> The <name> be his nickname above the head and on chat

    Minecraft version:
    Newest version and also 1.8.9 if u can (we work on this version)

    Suggested name: Multiprofile

    Ideas for commands: register, login, change password, lookout password by op, rank up, rank down

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    Sounds easy enough. I can get this done relatively soon hopefully.

    Edit: So you want to be able to see their password? Isn't that kinda unsecure? I think it would be better if I gave you the ability to allow them to reset their password, so it's more secure. It would go like this: User loses his password, and you are able to do a command to reset their password, it logs them out of the profile, and they can type in a new password.
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    I like to have 2 options. Some of kids are very young and they don't remember even last lesson. It's gonna be local server, without internet connection. Password lookout would be only for OP so i think is secure option.
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    Like i said. I'd like to have 2 options. First option: Force change, Second: Password lookup. Kids won't remember his passwords. I dont want to change his password every week because they can't remember.

    It's also would be nice if u can make some sort of "freeze" function. When i type command ex. /freeze every player would freeze and can't move, something like freeze before logging in

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    Awesome that you learn kids how to program trough Minecraft! I'll create this plugin for you!

    EDIT #1: I assume that @Jamiezi did not continue the development.

    EDIT #2:
    I've completed the request.

    As for now you need my Core plugin TabuuCore, which is my open-source library to make plugins as fast as I do, and multi-version compatible. A copy of TabuuCore is included in the zip-file, but is also available to download for free HERE.

    I added a rank system, but not a point system (although there should be plugins available that can accomplish this together with this plugin).

    I did not add a freeze command since there are already a lot of plugins out there that can do this, but if you find that none fulfil your needs you could make a new thread for that and I will make it for you.

    The plugin commands and permissions are described in the plugin.yml, and are pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions feel free to ask of course.

    plugin.yml (open)

    name: PlayerProfile
    version: 1.0 BETA
    main: nl.tabuu.playerprofile.PlayerProfile
    description: Create profiles for your users.
    author: Tabuu
    authors: [Tabuu]
    depend: [TabuuCore]
    api-version: 1.15
        usage: /profile
        description: Help command for this plugin.
      profile create:
        usage: /profile create <username> <password> <password>
        description: Creates a user profile.
        permission: playerprofile.create
        aliases: [register]
      profile login:
        usage: /profile login <username> <password>
        description: Logs the user in to the profile.
        permission: playerprofile.login
        aliases: [login]
      profile logout:
        usage: /profile logout
        description: Logs the player out from the current profile.
        permission: playerprofile.logout
        aliases: [logout]
      profile setrank:
        usage: /profile setrank <username> <rank>
        description: Sets the rank of a specific player.
        permission: playerprofile.setrank
      profile info:
        usage: /profile info <username>
        description: Displays all information about a profile.
        description: Allows players to view all commands of this plugin.
        default: true
        description: Allows players to create a user profile.
        default: op
        description: Allows players to login to a profile.
        default: true
        description: Allows players to logout from the current profile.
        default: true
        description: Allows players to set the rank of a specific profile.
        default: op
        description: Allows players to view information about all profiles.
        default: op
        description: Bypasses the login.
        default: op

    I hope this is what you are looking for :).
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    Thanks a lot for your work! <3
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