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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by dannyiscool4, Oct 8, 2015.

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    Plugin category: kick And ban

    Suggested name: MuliKick

    What I want: if I do the command /mulikick player 10 <reason>
    he is kicked then when he rejoin he is kicked again. until he rejoins 10 times
    each kick gives him the message "&cMultikick: Encore <remaining kicks numbers> kicks. Reason: <reason>" with a editable Message.yml
    Ideas for commands: /multikick (player) (times) (reason)
    Ideas for permissions: multikick.kick default: op
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    I will take this if I don't respond in a couple of days just @ me and I will hopefully respond.
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    Sorry but I really dont have enough time to finish this plugin due to school and being busy with other things hopefully someone can finish this for you otherwise I might be able to pick it up at a later date
  4. Consider it done. I can make this for you, let me finish your other plugin first
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    Good idea, that will be a nice plugin :)
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    I will attempt to do this plugin, but I need some details. I would like to know if your server is running in online-mode=true and the server version. This is so as I can tell if I need to implement Minecraft's UUID method of storing player info. Thanks.
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    If developing for 1.7 and up, you should ALWAYS be storing using UUID
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    IIRC, Server running in offline mode wouldn't use UUID. I may be wrong though.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    IIRC: Offline mode servers aren't supported on here.
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    You do make a point! :p
    Well there are times you have to run in offline-mode, such as when the authentication servers are down or when the server host does not have internet connection...

    I've finished the plugin, please give it a spin.
    Download link here.

    Commands added:
    /multikick help - Help list for this plugin.
    /multikick [player] [times] <reason> - Kicks the specified player with given reason with a number of times.

    Permissions added:
    multikick.kick - Required to run any commands in this plugin.

    Files added:
    config.yml - Configs for this plugin, including the kick message upon joining.
    kicked-reason.txt - Save file for the reasons why a player is kicked.
    kicked-times.txt - Save file for the amount of times remaining a player is kicked.

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    Built on:
    • Java 1.7 (minimum requirement)
    • Spigot-API-1.8.8-R0.1
    Tested on:
    • Java 1.8
    • Spigot-1.8.8
  11. I was just making this T-T my plugin was stolen when i was making it and i said i would
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    Well since you were doing the other plugin for OP, I thought I wanted to lessen your workload, and the wait time for OP.
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    @Chloe-chan he said he was going to make it you don't just steal plugins from people like that...
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    Yes I know I stole it from him, and I'm sorry @Legion Of Wolves. Are we still on about this ? :oops:
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