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    This would be a plugin that would be installed in 2 or more servers and would allow communication between people on 2 different servers as if they were on one. This would be incredibly useful for communities that want a more creative server, and a survival server but don't want to split their community in pieces. I really hope someone can make this. Thank you.
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    Hmm this with chatchannels / group rights.
    Hmm, could be cool.

    and something like: [The_wrecker on servername] : Hi all. (so you know its from another server)
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    Server Port was capable of doing this.

    However, inter-server communications requires multi-threading, and that is not currently supported by the API.
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    That multi threading part does not sound like a real problem though. You could always make the plugin itself multithreaded. Or am I missing something here?
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    This is possible via CraftIRC. Install CraftIRC on both servers, and point it to join the same IRC server and channel - name the bots according to their server names/numbers and the chat can be relayed back and forth.

    The only difference being is that currently, the messages will be relayed in the form of: "[IRC] (Bot1) <PlayerOnServer1> Hi I'm chatting from Server 1"

    I could easily make this configurable such that each bot would know that the other is also a relay, and just output "<PlayerOnServer1> Hi I'm chatting from Server 1" with some color or symbol indicator that it is from another server.
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    CraftIRC sounds really good.

    Only downside I can think of is the use of IRC. Yet that's also where it's strengths come from and makes thing real cool.

    Some questions though:

    For example: if the channel and server are known. Would it be possible for another admin to just join in his server (by pointing it to the same IRC channel/server) with the other two servers?

    I'm also curious what would happen if a player types in something like /nick testbot . Would that change the name of the bot in IRC? Are there other commands?
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    Check the CraftIRC thread for the commands - but the whole thing is customizable to your needs, you don't need to configure every feature if you don't need them. If channel and server are known it is possible for another admin to join his bot to it, of course. Then you'd be relaying chat across 3 servers - but you can also password channels on IRC and limit access that way.

    Nothing a player types in game will affect the bot itself, it will merely be relayed to IRC.

    Feel free to get in #craftirc on if you need aid

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