Most efficient way to store stats in MySQL?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by NerdsWBNerds, May 31, 2014.

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    So I'm trying to store/load stats using mysql. I'm basically make a little stats library. So you can do .setStat(Player, Key, Value)

    now, I could store this in the 'stats' database, 'players' table, and then in that table have 'id (player uuid), key, value'

    or, I could store it in the 'stats' database, 'player:playername' table, then in that table have 'key', 'value'.

    Which of these methods would be best? Would there be an even more efficient way of doing this?

    I will have around 35k new stats per week, around 10 per player. So I could either have 35k entries in a table, or 3.5k tables with 10 entries in each.
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    If you want to know which method is "best" you need to examine how the data will be queried. That being said, I think it's unlikely there will be much of a performance difference between the two methods. Personally I would opt for the first method as it seems to be simpler to manage and the entries are all likely to be very similar, though I am sure there are others who would disagree.
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