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Discussion in 'Resources' started by BlendyCat, Dec 9, 2016.

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    I've seen quite a bit of plugin tutorials online, but I feel like the don't really brush up on things that bigger plugins use. They just kind of mention the most basic uses of plugins. I wanted to change that so I've decided to make a tutorial series in which we build a server from the ground up using the Bukkit Plugin API and JAVA. I currently I have made a welcome plugin, warp plugin, and a perks plugin. I plan to make permission manager, world guard, and minigame tutorials in the near future. If you have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment on the video. (a like and subscribe is appreciated). :)

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    Few things you should fix about this tutorial:
    1. [Video 1]Try not to name your main class "Main". For the same reason you have different names for your packages, you should have different names for your main classes. Also, the main class should have the same name as your plugin because that is convention (at least for most of the plugins on bukkitdev) and so that the class name is descriptive .
    2. Bukkit already logs your plugins for you. You don't need to log your plugin twice.
    3. Do not recommend casting "this" to anything. The only time it will recommend you cast is if your class does not extend/implement JavaPlugin/Listener, and casting it is a very bad idea since it hides the error that will make sure your plugin does not work.
    4. There is no reason to create the player variable. Its not that hard to write the small path of "e.getPlayer" for the few times that you do use it.
    5. For the itemstacks, you do not need the '1'. It automatically sets the amount to 1 if not provided in the constructor.
    6. [Video 2] Same mistakes as above, but also:
    7. You do not need to create that FileConfig field (In the main class )if you are just accessing getConfig. That field only needs to be in the executor.
    8. No need to check the name of the command if you are only setting the one command to that executor
    9. Double semicolons on the not-player message.
    10. For Video 3 and Video 4, you made some of the same mistakes as above, but nothing new.
    Besides that, you did a good job covering the some of the basic plugins that new devs like creating. If you plan on creating more tutorials, I would recommend going into what events/methods do instead of how to code specific plugins. Teaching members how to make one plugin is one thing, teaching everything you can do with an event/object and how to use them is another, more helpful, thing.
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    Thanks for the feedback! It helps a lot! :)
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