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  1. I have one problame that would be nice if you could fix!

    The message "pair added" etc, is showing to every1! Even over mutliworlds and when i am far away from the persons who do it!
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    That's for debugging, and it is key to the development. I'll upload one for you that is more stable and has no debug messages. :D

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    Current features, although not visible:
    - Ordered the carts. I can also get the index of the first cart and so on. This changes when the direction changes. It currently still uses a buggy "that cart uses that so I'll use that" flipping system, although I did make it less buggy. (Doesn't interfere with the velocity)
    Redesigned everything, better class names and organisation of members. The source is now "understandable".


    Note that I also added a speed restriction, since the force was getting out of hand. (170000 is ridiculous) so carts that have more counterforce (have a passenger) will probably fall behind.

    Don't update if you use this for passengers, I will add cart distance management tomorrow. :)

    EDIT 2

    Due to the Minecart speed limit of 0.4 I am forced to keep the general speed of the train slightly below this. This, so I can still assign a few carts with a slightly higher speed factor than the other, to remain a steady distance. I'll try to implement a "smart" method, which will slow the train down when a cart needs more speed to remain distance.

    I have very good news: it is all working! :p
    Distance is kept, groups are made and members are added/destroyed. You can push a train by pushing the last cart, distance between carts is adjustable, force at which carts are kept distance is adjustable and all minecart types work. I did have to add a "weight factor" to prevent carts colliding into eachother. One issue persists: when placing a cart in a certain angle it will not collide with carts properly. This is caused by the 180-degree issue I had, and because of some unpredictable 90-degree turn when first moved.

    Some instructions:
    Will now add a new rule: If the first cart of the train is standing still, the train stops. This is nice for stations and such to stop trains easily. Will also remove members of groups that have derailed. (not possible)

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    Hey, I have a request that i've been thinking about for a long time.
    It might be hard but what do you think about Minecart-cars?
    You could drive them and also steer them over a road or just any flat surface.
    Maybe it even could go up one block as it acts like theres a rail going up there.
    It might be a challenge but man if you could make this... then god knows how many people would love you. XD

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    Good day.

    I'd firstly like to thank Bergerkiller for doing this great plugin. I really respect your hard work.

    Then to the feature thing. I have one train going my circle styled road. It's quite large so I want to make two trains going that circle. Unfortunately these trains comes closer and closer each other the longer they run.

    So... I would like to suggest some parameter for sign thing that the sign wont let the train go if the other train has sided the sign under 30 seconds ago. It could be implented to station sign for example (to the third row put I letter (I = interval) before the number that it wont let the train go unless that time is up or something). Well okay it's not that easy but I'm just trying you to understand my suggestion, hehhe.

    I'm truly sorry about my english and I hope that you understood what I'm trying to say. And I hope that I haven't missed some feature in your plugin that does this :)

    Have a nice day!


    P.S. Oh yeah it's called "time switch" or something..

    P.P.S I just noticed that signlink plugin... Could it be implemented to it that the sign stops the train until the countdown is down to zero?
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    Could you please add in a configuration that would kill carts at configured time interval?
    Maybe a configured time for all carts and one for non-moving carts.

    I would be supper grateful for this!
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    I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but the push away players or mobs doesn't work...
    Or is there an option in the properties, that the minecarts can't be stopped, when something or someone is on the rails?
    Please help me... ;( the plugins is really good but the mine carts always stop when a player or mob is on the rails...

    I tried to set push away players and push away mobs in the config.yml to true but that didn't work :(

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