More blocks in Multiplayer?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Aeron, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Also another thought - inverted slabs (for ceilings), I always get annoyed, if I don't have much room for small house attics, and so I'm thinking that slabs, that are upside down would do the job just fine (so that you can place stuff on top of a half step and have more room beneath)
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    YES!!! I've had the same annoyances. Great!
    This is gonna be amazing.
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    Nice ideas.
    But where's the mod after this long time? Maybe you should give out some working content.
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    Can't, because the mod in the current state is very raw and unfinished, now waiting for dyncraft, after I will be able to adopt it for it, only then it will have its purpose fulfilled in order to work with bukkti, else its just a mod, that adds items to SP
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    Well, Jexius is gonna be a while. He's waiting for the new version of MCP to release then he will work on getting a release. D:
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    Same here mate, I am also waiting for MCP, so that I can work on new stuff! Besides now I have to take in consideration Planes / SDK Guns and some other mod IDs in mind ;)
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    I love you, iv been waiting for this, especially thin walls, and all other.
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    This sounds like a great project. I wish I knew Java so I could help out.. :(
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