Filled MoonSimulations [WIP]

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MeowItsLauren, Feb 23, 2015.

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    Plugin Category: Roleplay/Mechanics

    Suggested Name: MoonSimulations (or) MoonPhysics

    What I want: Just a few minor differences which simulate a lunar landscape, without the use for mods.
    These changes being:
    -An infinite jump-boost above a certain y coordinate.
    -Suffocation: A sort of 'drowning' effect, simulating the lack of air.
    -To prevent suffocation: Either implementing a custom enchant on helmets (Possible enchant name: Breathable?) or just being prevented entirely while wearing any type of helmet.
    -Infinite night. (With ability to turn on and off with ease.)

    Ideas for commands:
    /moonsim jump [on/off] - Enables/disables the jump boost effect on the server.
    /moonsim suffocate [on/off] - Enables/disables suffocation on the server.
    /moonsim night [on/off] Enables/disables infinite night on the server.
    /moonsim [disable/enable] [player] - Enables/disable all effects on a specific player.
    /moonsim admin [disable/enable] - Enables/disables admin mode, giving immunity to all MoonSimulation effects while activated.

    Ideas for permissions:
    moonsim.simulations - If set to true, player will be effected by MoonSimulation effects.
    moonsim.admin - If set to true, player will have access to /moonsim admin command.
    moonsim.enable - If set to true, player will be able to enable MoonSimulation effects.
    moonsim.disable - If set to true, player will be able to disable MoonSimulation effects.

    When I'd like it by: Possibly by the end of next week. (10th March at the latest.)

  2. I think you can pull off everything except the Jumping / Gravity effects of the moon
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  4. Ive been coding it for about 15min and i can have an alpha version out in about an hour.
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    @MeowItsLauren If it is always the night, you would see the moon in the sky, but would would be walking on the moon? :confused:
    Seems like a cool plugin though ;)
    And if you want to have the Gravity thing just for fun, you can use iGeneralBasic, it has a /gravity command :D
  7. She could be simulating another moon like one of jupiters' moons
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