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    i can't find a thread that answers my question so if i am repeating someone, my bad.

    i can't find a plugin that actually allows me to put down a spawner. im not sure if falsebook can do it(and if it does please tell me how).

    so if anyone know how to put a spawner down somewhere, please let me know. thanks. (include detail and step by step please!)
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    Use /give or /i (just what your server supports) with the item code 52. It will give you a mob spawner which will be a pig spawner (= default). To change it into another type of mob spawner you will have to use a plugin like Essentials (command: /spawner).
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    If you are looking for something less cumbersome than getting a pig spawner item, placing it, then changing the type, try;

    Allows you to type /spawner [creature] to get a spawner item of a specific type, then place it directly from your inventory.
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