MoneyRankUp (Based on LegendaryRankUp) - Players Rank Up based on amount of money they have

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    I really, really, REALLY need a plugin based on a mostly inactive plugin called LegendaryRankUp. That is found here:

    All I need is a plugin just like that, where it is /rankup to rank up to the next rank, and If you do not have enough money, there would be a message saying how much money you need to reach the next rank, and when you do rank up with /rankup , it says to you; 'You have been ranked up to [Rank name]!', and to the whole server: '[Playername] ranked up to [Rank name!]'

    Ranking up will be done via how much money you possess, and I know another plugin with gives you money for killing mobs, so I just need a plugin like LegendaryRankUp to be put alongside the mob-killer-for-money plugin.

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    Any takers?


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    I might do something like this on my 2nd server, when someone gets a certain number of votes, they gain prizes ^-^
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