Mod Update Request: Item / Craft Limiters. Will Pay / Donate - amount negotiable.

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    Plugin category: Item / Craft Limiters

    Suggested name: Limitations?

    A bit about me: I am a C++ Coder / Game Designer / Indie Developer / Server owner who is looking to get some custom plugins made or older plugins updated.

    What I want:
    There are a few plugins that limit what people can wear and / craft. None of these are updated recently and or have died off. For me this is a major problem. I am running a PVP / RPG server and was using these plugins to create a "Class System" That gave different classes permissions to wear and or craft said items. The main thing being in conjuction with mcMMO. For Example:

    PvP Related.
    1. Swordsman class: Permissions from mcMMO swords class, Permission from the Item Limiter alowing ONLY the swordsman class to wield any sword above stone.
    2. Axeman class: Same thing except with Axes.

    Economy or Job Related:
    1. Farmer Class: Would be the only one ABLE to craft or cook food. Every other class would rely on uncooked food / potions, UNLESS they found a Farmer and paid for it.
    2. Tool Smith: Only this person would have the permissions to craft TOOLS. Picks, Shears. Hoes, Shovels, etc etc etc
    3. Armor / Weapon Smith ONLY these people could craft the perspective items ABOVE Leather Armor and or Stone Weapons.

    There are a few requirements for this mod request to be filled 100%.

    1. All permissions to craft or USE any item be by default set to false. Allowing the Server / Plugin Manager to assign Permission groups and turn them on individually.

    2. Must work when player picks up a restricted item, and ONLY has 1 spot on his EQUIPPED bar. Not Allowing the player to use it, by swapping it with an item already in his Inv, or by not allowing him to pick it up at all.

    3. Must be programmed so other limitations can be added as Bukkit is updated, IE Enchanting Permissions / Alchemy. Think modularity.

    4. You are allowed to use Spoutcraft.

    5. Source Code must be sent to me, incase you fall off the face of this world, I can have it updated, or take a crack at coding java again.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: This is a permissions heavy plugin, and its entire base is adding a permission to EVERY Item in the game, whether a player can CRAFT or USE an item. So some examples would be.
    After setting ALL Permisons to default of FALSE. Allowing for a player to not be able to use or craft ANYTHING. A server owner could then go in and set up , say a swordsman class, allowing them to USE any sword upto diamond, and armor upto iron.

    - I did not add stone or wood sword, because it would be inherited from the Default player class. I also did not add Leather Armor for the same reason.

    Then for a crafting class, the same would apply. with ALL permissions set to false I could add a Farmer class:


    Willing to pay up to: $30 but negotiable.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    Similar plugin requests: TBH, I didnt look.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @ementalo @Zenexer @Brettflan

    Other info:
    I am not a WEALTHY person, but I have moderate amount of donations to my server when it was running full swing. I have just restarted my Server, and I have some personal cash, I am willing to pay for this plugin, as long as it works to my satisfaction. My offering Price is $30 USD.

    Once the basics of the plugin created, adding ITEM ID's and crafting tables should not be that much of an issue. The main issue will be in the permissions checks and different cases of if he has the item already equipped but no room, or if he picks it up, like previously stated.

    I am a C++ coder and I have taken a crack at coding Java, but I am working on my server , school, and an Indie game I am developing and dont have time to code this. I am more then willing to help with coding questions or design implementation as that is what I do as a Student and as an indie designer.

    If you are interested please reply to this thread and or Email me directly at

    Thank you for your time.
    -Michael Isaacs

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